What is the Difference Between a Wasp and Yellowjacket and How To Kill Them Safely

These are a fairly typical pest in our country, but they are always confused with other species, such as the paper wasp, we must highlight these differences to identify the Yellow Jacket Wasp:

  • Yellow Jackets have black antennae, shorter legs, and a low waist. 
  • On the other hand, paper wasps do not, they have yellow or orange antennae, they have long legs that even hang when flying and they have a longer body and a remarkable waist.
  • Yellow Jackets are capable of biting people when they are near (or handling) some type of meat (whether white or red) or in the middle of harvesting fruit. 
  • Trash cans, on the other hand, bite in defense of themselves or their nest.
  • Another big difference is that the yellow jacket wasps make their nests on the ground, they are very large up to 50cm in diameter, and can live in up to 10,000 wasps, while the paper wasp produces small nests no more than 12cm wide, with no more than 50 individuals. If you are concerned about their extermination, then visit for details.

Being able to properly recognize these wasps helps to have better and more timely control of the pest.

Prevention Against Wasps

If we still do not have a nearby wasp colony, it is best to anticipate them. We will start with a series of elements that we usually have on hand in any home.

Vinegar is a powerful natural repellent that will keep them away. Likewise, cleaning the windows with bleach can have an effect. Wasps flee from mothballs, which must be placed strategically. Anti-wasp candles are also recommended. Do not use strong air fresheners because they would be counterproductive: certain aromas attract wasps. A few slices of spiced cucumber or lemon can work just as well.

Other Standard Measures That We Could Adopt Are:

  • Collect the rotten fruits that have fallen from the trees, as they serve as food for wasps
  • Keep trees and bushes well trimmed to make it more difficult for them to nest
  • Be aware of fountains and pools, since wasps often lurk in the water
  • Cover the rubbish bins that are outside so as not to attract these insects -in particular, avoid the presence of products rich in sugar-
  • Use mosquito nets to complicate the access of wasps
  • If you have already removed an old wasp nest, repaint the wall where it was located -some species build new wasp nests on top of the previous ones-
  • Place bright mobiles in the garden that serve to scare them away
  • If you have a pet, be careful where you place the food bowl, as it is very attractive to hornets
  • As with other pests, maintain a good level of hygiene in the home, as well as in attics or attics

Locate A Wasp Nest

Wasp nests are composed, as we said on another occasion when describing this species, of a mixture of wasp saliva and wood fiber collected from trees. The result is a moldable clay-like paste, which can be shaped like a cone made from layers of paper. 

wasps and yellowjackets nest

Wasps prefer to build their homes in trees -tops or trunks- and bushes, wall corners, beams, roofs, and even abandoned vehicles. At other times the swarms nest

underground. For this reason, it is advisable to periodically check the garden: we may find holes made by rodents or by our pets. In those cases, it is best to fill the gaps and press to ensure sealing. If you are mowing the lawn, be careful in case you come across an underground nest, as it could cause a wasp attack. If you want to skip all these stress, visit for a faster approach

Precautions Against A Hornet’s Nest

If wasps have already settled in our garden or orchard and you have decided to solve it on your own, we recommend having a clear action plan and preparing an emergency exit just in case. The idea is to face the nest in late autumn or early in the year. It is when the activity of the swarm ceases. On the contrary, during the spring and summer flowering, we will see them much more easily.

As we said before, it is preferable to act at night, since they do not fly if there is no light. In that case, using a flashlight could alert them. If you have children and pets, keep them away from the hive: they could be stung by wasps or inhale toxic substances from insecticides.

Just like professionals do, protect your body with the right clothing. A pair of gloves is essential to avoid exposing the hands -which will be the closest thing to the hornet’s nest-. And in short, leave the smallest chinks of skin exposed: goggles, long sleeves, pants tucked into socks, closed shoes, and a well-protected neck. Avoid brightly colored clothing and do not make sudden movements.

How To Eliminate A Wasp Nest: Wasp Killing Products

Please note that all the measures described below carry several risks to your health. We insist that you enlist the help of professional pest control professionals.

  • Water: is not the most effective solution, but many wasps can drown if we use a hose to spray the nest. The problem is that some of them may escape and attack us. If we add soap or detergent to the water, it will be harder for the wasps to move their wings and they will be more defenseless.
  • With smoke:  this method is capable of driving them away and dissuading them even temporarily. The drawback is that it can be somewhat cumbersome for those who are not used to it. Beekeepers use the same system to ward off bees and remove honeycombs.
  • With fire:  it is the most dangerous remedy by far, but it has become very popular. Have you heard the expression kill flies with cannons? Well, this is the most similar. Avoid using a blowtorch, torch, or homemade flamethrower by mixing a spray and a lighter. Have you thought about the consequences?

Well, this is the most similar. Avoid using a blowtorch, torch, or homemade flamethrower by mixing a spray and a lighter. Have you thought about the consequences? The smell of gasoline is the least of it: in the end, your house could go up in flames if you lose control.

In any case, never step on wasps that have fallen during the previous process. They could release a pheromone that would alert the rest of the swarm and could end up stinging you.

Other Methods To End A Small Wasp Nest

We remind you again here that professional help will always be more effective and less dangerous than the strategies that each one can carry out against the wasps. 

  • Bag The Nest: it is a method where two people are needed, suitable in cases where the nest is in a tree or bush. We will place a bag under the nest, estimating the path it will take when we cut the branch it is on. To do this we will use long-handled pruning shears. Once it has fallen inside, the insecticide must be applied to the nest and it must be closed tightly to then set it on fire. Be extremely careful at every step!
  • Using Hot Water: is a formula to deal with a wasp nest attached to a window in our home. First, we boil soapy water in a pot. We sprayed insecticide on the nest and left the place. Then we soak the nest with the boiling solution and clean the area with a brush. After 24 hours we will return to dislodge the remains.

As you will see, they are two risky but forceful strategies, only indicated for resolute people.

all-pests ultrasonic wave repeller

If the above remedies seem too cumbersome or you don’t have enough fund, you can visit to discover some high quality devices which can help you drive them away from your apartment.


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