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    Video: Rescued Animals Dolly Bear and the Fox Family are finally happy in Sanctuary Home

    For immediate release:January 27, 2022 Contact:Megan Wiltsie 202-483-7382 Tawas, City, Mi. – Today, PETA released…
    10 mins ago

    Cinematic video with a 20-year-old camcorder

    Are you a lover of 4:3 aspect ratio? There’s definitely something nostalgic about the almost…
    20 mins ago

    Here’s What Happened When I Tried 4 Viral TikTok Trends

    Is there any challenge? Applying the burnt almond liner proved to be the most challenging…
    30 mins ago

    Baby, I put the kids in virtual reality

    GE: Your recommendation is, apply long-term thinking to your tattoo goals, this is something that…


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      Feta Salad With White Beans & Lemon Is An Easy Working Lunch

      Around this time of year, my daily bowl cozy soup and the roasted vegetables suddenly left me wanting nothing but…
      18 hours ago

      Agatha Relota Luczo’s Morning Routine Involves a Shot of Olive Oil

      Wake Up Call How do you spend the first five minutes of your day? In our Wake Up Call series,…
      2 days ago

      8 kitchen decorating trends for 2022, according to design experts

      It is the horse of the house. The heart of the house. And, in many ways, the center of our…
      3 days ago

      11 types of fruits and vegetables that boost metabolism, says a nutritionist

      Have you ever wondered how your adult friend (or sibling, co-worker, etc.) can eat like a growing teenager and still…
      3 days ago

      10 Tips to Save Time Every Day (So You Can Do More of the Things You Love!)

      In 2022, I want to optimize my time so that I can focus on being intentional rather than reactive. And…
      3 days ago

      11 best shampoos and conditioners for shiny hair

      By far one of my favorite articles the Internet has ever served is this gem from 2016: “Why everyone on…


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