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Thursday qualifying from the Manx Grand Prix | Classic TT

2022 Manx Grand Prix Thursday Qualifying

By Phil Wain

The penultimate qualifying session for this year’s Manx Grand Prix took place with perfect conditions all around the Mountain Course and it was again Team Classic Suzuki’s Michael Dunlop who was quickest on the night with a lap of 124.676mph in the Classic Superbike class.

Michael Dunlop and Michael Rutter get away – Image Dave Kneen

It was close session with just 3.5 seconds covering Dunlop, David Johnson, Craig Neve and Rob Hodson, all four above 124mph, whilst James Hind (117.488mph) set the fastest lap of the week in the Lightweight class. Stephen Smith (119.442mph) was again quickest in the Senior category with Victor Lopez Santos (114.894mph) and Lee Johnston (108.410mph) topping the Junior and Classic Senior leaderboards.

A short, ten-minute delay meant it was a 6.30pm start for the Classic Superbike/Senior session and Dunlop (Team Classic XR69 Suzuki) and Michael Rutter (Bathams Ales Suzuki) were first away followed by Brian McCormack (Greenall Racing Kawasaki), Phil Crowe (Team Classic Suzuki), Ryan Kneen (Herheim Racing Kawasaki), the Alasdair Cowan Racing Kawasaki pairing of David Johnson and Craig Neve and Dominic Herbertson (Bob Henderson Racing Kawasaki).

David Johnson found some more speed on Thursday – Image Dave Kneen

Meanwhile, in the Senior class, it was Victor Lopez Santos (Xecretia Road Racing Yamaha) who was first to leave the line followed by Jamie Williams (NCE Racing Honda), David McConnachy (Peter Dobson Racing Triumph) and Radley Hughes (RAF Motorsports Kawasaki).

Dunlop only got as far as Glen Vine before pulling off the course but on track, there was little to choose on the opening lap between Johnson (123.653mph) and Neve (123.519mph) with Nathan Harrison (122.911mph), Rob Hodson (122.703mph), Kneen (122.212,mph) and Herbertson (121.923mph) hot on their heels. Dunlop made it back to the pits and headed back out on his 750cc SRAD Suzuki, lapping at 122.167mph.

Just 1.2 seconds separated Johnson and Neve on the opening lap and it was a similar story on lap two, although Johnson was again the quicker at 124.504mph compared to Neve’s 124.275mph. Hodson (124.279mph) split the two team-mates with Kneen also increasing his pace to 123.611mph. Harrison slid off, uninjured, though at Quarter Bridge.

Ryan Kneen – Image Dave Kneen

Lee Johnston (118.921) had an encouraging session on the Ashcourt Racing RC45 Honda but, once again, Dunlop had the final say and after switching back to the XR69 Suzuki, a lap of 124.676mph was 1.5s quicker than Johnson and sent him back to the top of the leaderboard, but Dunlop had gone quicker the day before with a 125.537 remaining the benchmark for the week so far. 

In the Senior on Thursday, it was Smith who was again quickest on the opening lap at 119.442mph followed by McConnachy (117.942mph) and Lopez (117.160mph) but Williams was reported as having stopped at Cronk y Voddy.

Smith was on course to break the 120mph barrier on his second lap but ran out of fuel at Bedstead whilst Lopez Santos (117.685), Chris Cook (117.486) and Tom Robinson (116.850) all bettered their previous lap speeds. French newcomer Amalric Blanc was also going well at 113.429mph.

At 7.10pm, the Classic Senior, Junior and Lightweight machines were next to tackle the 37.73-mile circuit and in the latter, Mike Browne (Laylaw Racing Yamaha), who had dispensation to go out in the first session, lapped at an impressive 116.917mph which put him ahead of team-mate Ian Lougher (114.308mph), Hind (113.308mph) and Herbertson (112.931mph).

Rob Hodson – Honda CB500 – Image Dave Kneen

Lopez Santos (114.894mph) made the running in the Junior class from Francesco Curinga (113.955mph), Jamie Williams (112.838mph) and Ben Rea (112.122mph) whilst it was Hodson (107.517) who was quickest in the Classic Senior from Jamie Coward (106.825mph), Johnston (106.824), John McGuinness MBE (106.700mph) and James Hillier (106.489mph).

Hind (117.488mph), Herbertson (113.848mph) and Rhys Hardisty (111.160mph) posted their best Lightweight laps of the week on the second lap and the same occurred in the Classic Senior for Johnston (108.410mph), Herbertson (108.114mph) and Hillier (107.058mph) on their TX500 Yamaha’s but McGuinness retired at Quarter Bridge. Williams, meanwhile, closed the gap to Lopez in the Junior class with a lap of 114.575mph.

The Lightweight Manx Grand Prix kicks racing off on Friday before Classic Senior and Junior races on Saturday.  The Senior and Superbike Manx Grand Prix events are slated for Monday.

MGP Classic Superbike Qualifying
Combined Times after Thursday sessions

Pos Rider Bike Time Speed
1 Michael Dunlop Suzuki T-Bike GSXR750 18m01.979 125.537
2 David Johnson Kawasaki ZX-R750 18m10.949 124.504
3 Rob Hodson Kawasaki ZX-R750 18m12.925 124.279
4 Craig Neve Kawasaki ZX-R750 18m12.962 124.275
5 Ryan Kneen Kawasaki ZX-R750 18m18.833 123.611
6 Nathan Harrison Kawasaki ZX-R750 18m25.090 122.911
7 Dominic Herbertson Kawasaki ZX-R750 18m34.051 121.923
8 Brian McCormack Kawasaki ZXR750 18m35.767 121.735
9 Michael Rutter Suzuki XR69 18m35.829 121.728
10 Paul Jordan Kawasaki ZX-R750 18m37.351 121.563
11 Michael Sweeney Kawasaki ZX-R750 18m41.228 121.142
12 Julian Trummer Kawasaki ZX-R750 18m42.024 121.056
13 Phillip Crowe Suzuki XR69 18m44.508 120.789
14 Lee Johnston Honda RC45 19m02.172 118.921
15 Paul Potchy Williams Kawasaki ZX-R750 19m06.880 118.433
16 Michal Dokoupil Suzuki GSXR750 19m09.085 118.205
17 Shaun Anderson Kawasaki ZX-R750 19m12.754 117.829
18 Barry Furber Suzuki GSXR750 19m22.154 116.876
19 Samuel West Suzuki XR69 19m30.467 116.046
20 Timothee Monot Yamaha 750 19m32.925 115.803
21 Michael Evans Suzuki GSXR750 19m33.389 115.757
22 Raul Torras Martinez Kawasaki ZX-R750 19m39.261 115.181
23 Anthony Redmond Suzuki GSXR750 19m44.242 114.696
24 Richard Wilson Norton RCW588 19m49.287 114.210
25 Lancelot Unissart Honda T-Bike RC30 19m56.922 113.481
26 Stefano Bonetti Suzuki GSXR 750 1992 20m04.262 112.789
27 Jamie Cringle suzuki GSXR 750 20m07.316 112.504
28 Dave Hewson Kawasaki ZX-R750 20m07.978 112.442
29 Daniel Ingham Suzuki GSXR750 20m12.273 112.044
30 Alan Oversby Suzuki GSXR750 20m13.881 111.896
31 Dennis Booth Kawasaki ZX-R750 20m14.291 111.858
32 Mark Herbertson Kawasaki ZX-R750 20m14.852 111.806
33 Michael Mace Ducati 888 20m19.099 111.417
34 Andrea Majola Ducati 916 20m20.800 111.261
35 Marc Colvin Kawasaki ZX-R750 20m22.234 111.131
36 Robert Barber Kawasaki ZX-R750 20m27.319 110.671
37 Pete Murray Kawasaki ZX-R750 20m36.044 109.889
38 Radley Hughes Kawasaki ZX-R7 20m54.829 108.244
39 David Madsen-Mygdal Honda RC30 21m03.029 107.541
40 Wayne Bourgeais Kawasaki ZX-R750 21m23.064 105.862
41 Paul Marley Kawasaki ZX-R750 21m32.589 105.082
42 Hefyn Owen Yamaha YZR750 21m34.278 104.945
43 Andy Lovett Kawasaki ZX-R750 21m37.408 104.692
44 Colin Croft Suzuki GSXR750 21m46.845 103.936
45 Richard Vuillermet Kawasaki ZX-R750 21m53.061 103.444
46 Benjamin Plant Suzuki GSXR750 22m10.838 102.062
47 Rodger Wibberley Suzuki GSXR750 22m16.850 101.603
48 Keith Pringle* Suzuki GSXR750 22m17.197 101.577
49 Nigel Rea Suzuki GSXR750 22m18.562 101.473
50 Jamie O’Brien Kawasaki ZX-R750 22m42.440 99.695
51 Mike Browne Kawasaki ZX-R750 34.129
52 Jamie Coward Kawasaki ZX-R750 01h08:22.328 33.110


MGP Senior Qualification
Combined Times after Thursday sessions

Pos Rider Bike Time Speed
1 Stephen Smith Kawasaki ZX-6R 18m52.313 119.956
2 David McConnachy Triumph Daytona 675R 18m57.725 119.386
3 Jamie Williams Honda CBR600RR 19m00.559 119.089
4 Daniel Ingham Yamaha R6 19m13.317 117.772
5 Victor Lopez Yamaha T-Bike R6 19m14.164 117.685
6 Chris Cook Kawasaki ZX-6R 19m16.120 117.486
7 Tom Robinson Kawasaki ZX-6R 19m22.415 116.850
8 Andrew Fisher Yamaha R6 19m31.170 115.976
9 Samuel Mousley Yamaha YZF R6 19m31.975 115.897
10 Marc Colvin Suzuki GSXR600 19m41.043 115.007
11 Shaun Evans Kawasaki ZX-6R 19m42.367 114.878
12 James Reveley Yamaha R6 19m45.373 114.587
13 Amalric Blanc* Kawasaki ZX636R 19m57.472 113.429
14 Gaz Evans Triumph ST675R 19m59.416 113.245
15 Paul Cassidy* Yamaha R6 20m01.957 113.006
16 Radley Hughes Kawasaki ZX-6R 20m03.258 112.884
17 Jack Fowler Triumph Daytona 675R 20m03.701 112.842
18 Dennis Booth Honda CBR600RR 20m06.509 112.579
19 Kevin Barsby TBC TBC 20m07.973 112.443
20 Michael Rees Kawasaki ZX-6R 20m08.427 112.401
21 James Ford Yamaha R6 20m09.422 112.308
22 Dean Osborne Honda CBR600RR 20m10.576 112.201
23 Michael Mace Triumph Daytona 675R 20m12.780 111.997
24 Lancelot Unissart Honda CBR600RR 20m13.849 111.899
25 Lewis Arrowsmith* Honda CBR600RR 20m15.715 111.727
26 Stuart McCann Triumph Daytona 675R 20m16.051 111.696
27 Jim Barnett Suzuki GSXR600 20m16.922 111.616
28 Tom Snow Yamaha R6 20m24.105 110.961
29 Liam Chawke Kawasaki ZX-6R 20m25.111 110.870
30 Maurizio Bottalico* Yamaha R6 20m29.289 110.493
31 Andy Lovett Honda CBR600RR 20m33.548 110.112
32 Colin Croft Suzuki GSXR600 20m34.119 110.061
33 Frankie Stennett* Kawasaki ZX636R 20m36.738 109.828
34 David Brook Yamaha R6 20:m7.720 109.740
35 Rikki McGovern Triumph Daytona 675R 20m41.837 109.377
36 Daniel Forbes* Suzuki GSXR600 20m44.615 109.133
37 Emmett Burke Suzuki GSXR600 20m46.338 108.982
38 Justin Collins Yamaha R6 20m47.259 108.901
39 Quentin Limousin Suzuki GSXR600 20m49.506 108.705
40 Don Gilbert Kawasaki ZX-6R 20m49.945 108.667
41 Yann Galli* Honda CBR600RR 20m51.988 108.490
42 Adam Bauer Honda CBR600RR 20m53.799 108.333
43 Richard Vuillermet Kawasaki ZX-6R 20m54.220 108.297
44 Paul Marley Kawasaki ZX-6R 20m57.625 108.004
45 Leon Donaghy Triumph Daytona 675R 20m58.531 107.926
46 Nigel Rea Suzuki GSXR600 21m02.434 107.592
47 Ross Orchard Yamaha R6 21m05.633 107.320
48 Peter Creer Kawasaki ZX-6R 21m06.487 107.248
49 Kieran Brockie* Yamaha R6 21m17.000 106.365
50 Richard Duncan Yamaha R6 21m19.406 106.165
51 Victor Ortega Kawasaki ZX-6R 21m20.283 106.092
52 Benjamin Plant Kawasaki ZX-6R 21m28.039 105.453
53 Krystian Paluch Honda CBR600RR 22m29.900 100.621

MGP Lightweight Qualification
Combined Times after Thursday sessions

Pos Rider Bike Time Speed
1 James Hind Yamaha TZ250 19m16.105 117.488
2 Mike Browne Yamaha TZ250 19m21.743 116.917
3 Ian Lougher Yamaha TZ250 19m48.262 114.308
4 Dominic Herbertson    Honda RS250
19m53.067 113.848
5 Stuart Hall Yamaha TZ250 20m00.891 113.106
6 Michael Dunlop Honda RS250 20m06.174 112.611
7 Rhys Hardisty Yamaha TZ250 20m21.917 111.160
8 Chris Moore Yamaha TZ250 20m30.350 110.398
9 Dan Sayle Honda RS250 20m32.075 110.243
9 Phil Harvey Honda RS250 21m11.929 106.789
10 Andrew Jackson Yamaha TZ250 21m13.812 106.631
11 Gareth Arnold* Yamaha TZ250 21m25.734 105.642
12 Lancelot Unissart Honda RS250 21m39.066 104.558
13 Richard Wilson KTM 250 21m45.773 104.021
14 Tom Snow Honda NSF250 21m52.421 103.494
15 Adrian Morris Yamaha TZ250 22m03.825 102.603
16 Timothee Monot Yamaha TZ250 22m04.913 102.518
17 Simon Hunt Yamaha TZ250 22m16.755 101.610
18 Ian Stanford Honda RS250 22m25.250 100.969
19 Will Loder Yamaha TZ250 22m27.434 100.805
20 Richard Parker Honda RS250 22m43.228 99.637
21 Adrian Skaife Honda NSF250 22m44.898 99.515
22 David Glover Yamaha TZ250 22m48.695 99.239
23 James Chawke Yamaha TZ250 23m00.256 98.408

MGP Junior Qualification
Combined Times after Thursday sessions

Pos Rider Bike Time Speed
1 Victor Lopez Aprilia RS660 19m42.205 114.894
2 Jamie Williams Kawasaki ER-6 19m45.497 114.575
3 Francesco Curinga Paton S1R 19m51.943 113.955
4 Marc Colvin Kawasaki ER-6 20m01.660 113.034
5 Andrea Majola Paton S1R 20m04.292 112.787
6 Daniel Ingham Aprilia RS660 20m10.132 112.242
7 Ben Rea Kawasaki ER-6 20m11.434 112.122
8 Chris Moore Kawasaki ER-6 20m22.969 111.064
9 Jack Fowler Kawasaki ER-6 20m23.113 111.051
10 Martin Morris* Aprilia RS660 20m39.717 109.564
11 Paul Wardell Kawasaki ER-6 20m39.857 109.551
12 Eoin Ó Siochrú* Kawasaki ER-6 20m53.760 108.337
13 Mark Herbertson Kawasaki ER-6 20m55.274 108.206
14 Ivo Ladde Kawasaki ER-6 20m57.460 108.018
15 Michael Mace Kawasaki ER-6 20m59.884 107.810
16 Albert Walker* Kawasaki ER-6 21m03.852 107.471
17 Andrew Fisher Kawasaki ER-6 21m10.650 106.896
18 Steven Moody Aprilia RS660 21m21.233 106.014
19 Andy Whale* Aprilia RS660 21m26.388 105.589
20 Paul Marley Kawasaki ER-6 21m28.494 105.416
21 Rodger Wibberley Suzuki SV650 21m28.904 105.383
22 Liam Chawke Kawasaki ER-6 21m29.521 105.332
23 David Brook Aprilia RS660 21m29.975 105.295
24 Michael Gahan* Aprilia RS660 21m32.046 105.126
25 Darran Creer Suzuki SV650 21m46.931 103.929
26 Mark Jackson* Suzuki SV650 21m52.089 103.520
27 Richard Kay* Aprilia RS660 21m55.534 103.249
28 Leon Murphy Kawasaki ER-6 22m09.793 102.142
29 Ross Orchard Kawasaki ER-6 22m12.810 101.911
30 Stuart Clotworthy* Kawasaki ER-6 22m26.084 100.906
31 Quentin Limousin Suzuki SV650 22m28.628 100.716
32 Krystian Paluch Aprilia RS660 22m51.596 99.029
33 Yuri Barrigan Kawasaki ER-6 23m14.089 97.431
34 Richard Duncan Kawasaki ER-6 23m22.998 96.813

MGP Senior Classic Qualification
Combined Times after Thursday sessions

Pos Rider Bike Time Speed
1 John McGuinness Paton – T-Bike A1-B22 20m38.400 109.680
2 Lee Johnston Yamaha TX-500 20m52.907 108.410
3 Dominic Herbertson Yamaha XS-500 20m56.343 108.114
4 Stefano Bonetti Paton A1-B22 20m59.152 107.873
5 Rob Hodson Honda CB500 21m03.314 107.517
6 James Hillier Yamaha 500 21m08.734 107.058
7 Jamie Coward Norton 500Manx 21m11.496 106.825
8 Mike Browne Norton ES2 21m44.917 104.089
9 Alan Oversby Honda CB500 21m54.733 103.312
10 Michael Russell Norton 500Manx 22m00.518 102.860
11 Ian Lougher MV Agusta 500 22m15.925 101.673
12 Will Loder Seeley G50 22m20.694 101.312
13 Michael Sweeney Honda CB500 22m28.768 100.705
14 Mark Parrett Norton 500Manx 22m38.663 99.972
15 John Leigh Pemberton Norton 500Manx 22m50.054 99.141
16 Richard Bairstow Paton A1-B22 22m54.042 98.853
17 Hefyn Owen Seeley G50 22m54.902 98.791
18 Andy Hornby* Honda CB500 23m00.972 98.357
19 Ben Rea Honda CB500 23m03.081 98.207
20 Keith Clarke Norton 500Manx 23m14.692 97.389
21 Nathan Harrison Honda CB350 23m17.242 97.212
22 Nigel Moore Honda CB350 23m23.630 96.769
23 Kelly Carruthers* Honda-T Bike CB500 23m27.956 96.472
24 David Madsen-Mygdal Honda CB450 23m28.462 96.437
25 Richard Parker Honda CB350 23m49.884 94.992
26 Colin Stockdale Honda T-Bike CB500 24m08.830 93.750
27 Phil Harvey Honda CB500 24m11.283 93.592
28 Leon Murphy Honda CB350K4 24m24.846 92.725
29 Maria Costello MBE Honda CB350 24m37.015 91.961
30 Lee Jennings Norton 500Manx 24m40.245 91.761
31 Shelley Pike BSA GoldStar 24m56.563 90.760
32 Jamie O’Brien Seeley G50 24m58.262 90.657
33 Jeff Smith Matchless G50 25m05.644 90.213
34 Richard Wilson DKW 350 25m26.913 88.956
35 Adrian Skaife Aermacchi 350 25m27.754 88.907
36 Geoffrey Bates Honda CB350 26m17.177 86.121
37 Garth Woods Honda CB350 27m04.163 83.630
38 Michael Moreton T-Bike 2 CB350 27m39.576 81.845

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