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Kip Hansen’s opinion – July 15, 2022

Latest NY Times/Sienna College Poll shows that we are not alone. We, most of the authors and readers here at WUWT, agree with the majority of Americans who believe that mainstream media organizations do not provide accurate and fair coverage of news and politics.

This failed journalism also applies to their reporting on Climate Science, Climate Change, and all other controversial science topics: Parasitology, monkeypox, health, air discovery space and technology.

The The New York Times do not report on poll results that show a widespread lack of trust in the media (and yes, the NY Times is one of those media organizations that the majority of the public doesn’t trust). The the results of the poll are somewhat more faithfully reported, albeit below the fold, in a press release from the University of Sienna:

“On a two-to-one basis, voters have little or no confidence in the accuracy or fairness of the mainstream media.

Only 34% of voters said that they are confident (6% strongly trust) in mainstream media organizations for accurate and fair coverage of news and politics, while 65% are not overly confident ( 23%) or not confident at all (42%).

“While Democrats trust the mainstream media for accurate and fair reporting, 59-40%, 68% of independents and a whopping 86% of Republicans there is little or no trust in the mainstream media,” Levy said. “While half of voters over the age of 65 trust the coverage of the mainstream media, only 22% of those under 30 do.” [  source  ]

Only 6% of voters (they did not survey children or those who did not vote) were very confident which Mainstream Media (MSM) reports honestly or fairly. And only 1/3rd voters have any confidence in the media’s ability to report news.

A whopping 65% lack faith in MSM – and rightfully so.

While both the question and the answer given in this case – media confidence – were candid and not explicitly biased, that was not always the case.

The poll’s support report shows that even the University of Sienna and the NY Times rotated and rotated the poll results to match their progressive bias.

The Sienna College Press Release on the poll shows the bias of university pollsters. Report the selected results that match the MSM headlines above the fold on their press release website. For example:

Similarly, Democrats and independents overwhelmingly believe that Supreme Court decisions are based on the political views of the judges rather than the constitution and law, while Republicans with A smaller percentage of 54-39% say decisions are more constitutionally based,” Levy said. “A majority of voters from all regions, genders, age groups, races and education levels say that Court decisions are based more on political views.”

And why does the public believe this? Because MSM told them it was repetitive – labeling each Supreme Court justice by political parties The president’s office appointed them, calling some of them “six Republican judges”. If MSM reports honestly and without bias, they will report on the judges’ judicial views: conservative, monopolistic, literate, judicial activist, progressive, etc. newspaper, MSM US (both conservatives/progressive divisions) politicize almost everything in a two-party line that favors one over the other in line with the politics of the news store owner their.

What does MSM tell us about the world’s most pressing problems today? What issues should guide all our thoughts and actions? What are the most pressing issues people are focusing on today? That every news story is or should be about, at least in part? What are all the other headlines screaming about? These topics pop above the fold in most newspapers (or TV news bulletins) almost every day:

climate change,

Pandemic caused by corona virus


Right to abortion

How do American voters view these issues? [ full poll questions and results pdf ]:

Q15. What do you think is the most important problem facing the country right now?

Economy (including employment, stock market) 20%

Inflation and cost of living 15%

Democratic Status / Political Divide 11%

10% gun policy

Abortion / Women’s Rights 5%

… ..

Climate change 1%

Supreme Court 1%

Coronavirus 0%

As in all types of polls and questionnaires, it is important too to know the questions and answer choices given and to know the results. For example, in the Supreme Court question, “judicial opinion” was not an option, only “Constitution and Law” or “Political views of the judges” which MSM then translate/twist into the judges’ “political party”: a twist and spin version of the question/answer pair that has been biased.

The irony of this situation is that not only can we not/can’t trust the mainstream media to report honestly and fairly, but we also can’t trust the pollsters who have discovered It turns out that we don’t trust MSM either. Pollsters also have their own biases and political agendas.


1. If you don’t trust the mainstream media to tell the truth that you are the majority and, contrary to what you are often told by the mainstream media, you are not the minority exception number. In my opinion, you are completely justified in believing that.

2. If you see poll numberalways (as always) looking for The correct question is asked and the correct answer is provided poll participants. Never (as not once) accept a newsletter about a poll at face value. Journalist [sic] rarely follow this rule and thus misreport their results according to their store’s Editorial Narrative (see here and here).

3. The mainstream media is the most common source of misinformation and disinformation in the United States. In the US, this is often deliberate, as most MSM stores are propaganda machines that march on the orders of their owners (and the people who own those owners). This is perhaps even more correct in other countries.

Read more – Read widely – Read critically

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Author’s comment: (Warning: this turned out to be longer than the main essay).

And Questions Everything (including this essay)!

Psychological reaction is a positive quality that helps people avoid being influenced by propaganda. [ source: Brehm J. W. (1966). A theory of psychological reactance.] Various psychologists see it as something to overcome, as asserted in the article discussed recently at WUWT: “Statement: Republicans need to see evidence of the harms of climate change“. But, I believe it is A feature; Not a bug.

I hope that the resistance to the acceptance of MSM reports and the lack of trust in MSM as reliable news sources is based on the growing sense of untruth of most MSM reports. about almost everything.

Commenters can leave examples of things declared in the MSM . header That can only be believed by people living in an imaginary world.

Unfortunately, the NYT/Sienna poll shows that propagate each iteration works in the real world – see section of their report into the January 6 riots, it was reported that “Following the margins: The riots in the Capitol attempted to overthrow the government. & Trump Committed Serious Crimes”. The Radical MSM repeats this endlessly and televises the one-way political theater (Congressional Hearings) to reinforce this Big Lie.

Big lie? Yes and obviously the lie is created by people who have never actually witnessed or been present at an actual armed coup or plot to overthrow the government.

I have been in the country twice trying to overthrow the national government (one success, one failure). In one instance, I watched rebel commanders gather around a table with their maps directing troops via walkie-talkies. Luckily, I was an invited guest and watching the victors – and despite a few tough moments, I lived to tell the story.

In contrast, the ship I was working on had a vague connection to the coup leaders and we had to anchor during the midnight watch and slip out of port at low tide until we were gone. be twenty miles- coast. My wife was already ashore and had to be evacuated by illegal bus and ferry.

My advice, not in a country when there is a real coup or real rebellion?. Hint: It won’t look like a runaway street protest and people won’t wear funny costumes.

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