No, AI Won’t Kill Professional Photography: Here’s Why

In recent months, AI has become one of the most widely discussed topics. A lot of creators, not just photographers, are saying that AI will kill professional photography. However, this could not be further from the truth. Here’s why.

Remember when AI was so far away that we rarely thought about it? It’s almost unthinkable that AI could be so close to us, so easy to use, and so powerful. I would be silly not to admit that I didn’t notice how quickly AI has become so real and good. While I’ve been interested in the subject before, it never seems to be tangible, especially in an industry and craft so close to me: art.

There’s loads of content on YouTube that shows how good AI has become. Just look at all the people who can create automated channels on YouTube using AI. Finding a topic can be done by AI scanning for trends. Then, one AI will write the scripts, another AI will create the voices for those scenarios, the third AI will do the SEO optimization for the video, and the fourth AI will do the actual visual content for the video. your. Starting a YouTube channel has never been so easy and cheap. It can actually be done in a few days. Then simply let the content be pushed into the viewer’s face using YouTube’s own AI-powered algorithm. Harnessing the perfect balance of modern technology and shortening the lifespan of a new generation of consumers? Or is it?

AI makes it harder, but not impossible

What AI allows people to do is create their own artwork. Why pay an artist if you can do it yourself for free? AI is trained to create visually pleasing compositions that will delight viewers.

The problem with visually pleasing art is that it has no depth. It is not possible to put meaning into an AI-generated work. Sure, you need creativity to enter a reminder, but even then, how creative is that? What’s the difference between feeding random words into the AI ​​and giving a message?

The process of creating art is quite complex and difficult to explain. I find it difficult to explain where the inspiration comes from, where the ideas come from and where the final image comes from. However, every time I talk to someone about my work, there is always something deeply personal in each image. I truly believe that each piece of work represents something personal about the photographer who created it.

An AI is not capable of giving such dimension to the work. While it is possible to create an individual piece using AI, it would be nearly impossible to create a consistent work that would make a name for the artist behind it all. Art cannot be separated from the artist in this case. One of the reasons people buy artwork is because of the artist’s brand value as well as the unique style of their work. While the physical value of the Mona Lisa may be equivalent to a piece of cloth with paint on it, the spiritual value is perhaps even harder to name.

One of the arguments says that AI is simply a glorified form of plagiarism. However, can AI replace a truly great artist? Sure, the average person copying the Mona Lisa can be replaced, but someone who is creating authentic, unique, provocative and relevant work will stay in business. While AI can be used to copy an existing style or technique, it will still be difficult to create an authentic style with AI.

AI Scare: Natural Fear

I consider the fear of AI as something completely natural. The talk of robots replacing humans has been going on since the industrial revolution. After all, every time a new technology disrupts the status quo, it inevitably causes those most affected to hate it. This is completely normal. I’m sure millions of call center operators feel pretty bad that a little box takes their place. However, when one door closes, another opens. While some professions have died, new ones have been born during that time. Being able to think outside the box is something every artist should learn to do. Fixing on something constant will frustrate you, because nothing is constant. AI is the engine that disrupts the industry. Many artists are not happy now that someone has replaced them.

Photoshop vs AI

I like to compare AI to what Photoshop has been doing since the 90’s. With the rise of Photoshop, many photographers started complaining that taking pictures was no longer a problem. This is absolutely right. However, does Photoshop make photography worse? I like to think no. It has opened up new possibilities for millions of creators using the software to their advantage. The genres of photography that are more about creating images than taking pictures benefit greatly from Photoshop. It is simply impossible to create a modern ad without Photoshop. It is also used for artistic purposes. Many digital artists combine photography and Photoshop to create their unique works of art that would not be possible without software.

Stop thinking

Talking about AI as the death of photography is exaggerated. While it will put some photographers out of business, it will create new jobs. For example, there must be a bank of images for the AI ​​to learn from. Human photographers can take pictures for AI and make money from it, perhaps even switching to a royalty mechanism, where each photographer who contributes to the development of AI will receive a sum of money. small royalties in return for their work. Many of the digital artists who complain about the rise of AI are the same people who took advantage of a similar event 20 years ago: the rise of Photoshop. In an ever-changing world, it is impossible to stand still and still be profitable. Photography won’t die for AI. Photographers cannot adapt to the new reality will.


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