Jabeur vs Swiatek Live Score 2022 US Open Final Live Streaming Info: Swiatek beats Jabeur 6-2, 7-6 (5) to win maiden US Open title

Welcome to Sportstar’s live coverage of the 2022 US Open women’s singles final between Poland’s Iga Swiatek and Tunisia’s Ons Jabeur. This is Nihit Sachdeva taking you through the action as it unfolds at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York.

ONS JABEUR 2 6 (5)

And now, four-time US Open champion Martina Navratilova presents the winner’s trophy to Iga Swiatek.

On the challenge New York presented – “Before this tournament, it was such a challenging time … and for sure this tournament was challenging, also. Because it’s New York! It’s so loud. It’s so crazy. So many temptations in the city … I’m really proud I could handle it mentally.”

On Ons – “Ons, such an amazing tournament, such an amazing season, I know this is already a pretty nice rivalry and I’m sure we’re going to have many more. And I’m pretty sure you’re going to win some of them. So don’t worry.”

First up, Jabeur receives the runner-up trophy.

On Swiatek – “I really tried but Iga didn’t make it easy for me. I don’t like her very much right now but it’s OK.”

On her quest for maiden Grand Slam title – “I know I’m going to keep working hard and I will get that title sometime soon. This is just the beginning of so many things.”

Swiatek becomes the first Polish woman to win the US Open title and claims her third Grand Slam title overall. Presentation ceremony coming up shortly.

Jabeur gives a warm embrace to Swiatek shortly after losing the match.

SECONDT SET (* denotes server)


Jabeur with a backhand down the line winner takes the first point. Slow second serve from Jabeur, Swiatek hits the return right at her and the forehand from Jabeur goes wide. It’s 2-2 all as Swiatek, after Jabeur’s shot took the deflection off the net and landed in, hits the forehand long. Swiatek enters the change of ends with a 4-2 lead as Jabeur hits the forehand long. Serve down the T from Jabeur and Swiatek barely gets her racquet on the ball. Swiatek misses an easy cross-court forehand and it is 4-all. Backhand down the line goes long from Swiatek and Jabeur from 2-4 down, now leads 5-4 with a chance to serve. An unbelievable forehand down the line winner from Swiatek and it is 5-5. Forehand from Jabeur goes into the net and it is 2nd championship point for Swiatek who will serve for it. Forehand return from Jabeur goes long and IGA SWIATEK IS THE US OPEN CHAMPION!!!

Swiatek 6-6 Jabeur*

Jabeur to serve to once again, stay in the match. An unforced error on the forehand from the Tunisian. Slow second serve, Swiatek goes for the backhand down the line and Jabeur is unable to get the return in – Swiatek up 30-0. Jabeur makes it 15-30 as Swiatek does not get enough elevation on the forehand. Another heavy forehand from Swiatek and it is 30-all. Forehand form Jabeur goes wide and it is championship point for Swiatek. However, she fails to convert it as her forehand return lands beyond the baseline. Strong and unreturnable first serve from Jabeur gives her the advantage. Jabeur, after saving a match point, takes it to tiebreak as Swiatek hits the forehand down the line wide.

Swiatek* 6-5 Jabeur

Swiatek to serve. Forehand and backhand errors from Jabeur and the Pole quickly takes the first two points. Forehand from Swiatek goes wide. Drop shot from Jabeur had Swiatek in some trouble but ultimately, Swiatek finds her out of position to hit the forehand from the baseline. Another forehand error from Swiatek. Good first serve and Swiatek holds. One game away from the title.

Swiatek 5-5 Jabeur*

Jabeur serving to stay in the match. Swiatek goes 15-0 up as Jabeur hits the cross-court forehand into the net. It’s 15-all as Swiatek hits the forehand up the line long. Heavy forehand from Jabeur and Swiatek is up 30-15. Swiatek defends once, twice, thrice but eventually, Jabeur’s forehand down the line gets a weak return. Out of position Swiatek tries a forehand pass but the ball goes well wide. Game point for Jabeur. Jabeur holds as Swiatek hits the backhand return into the net.

Swiatek* 5-4 Jabeur

Swiatek decides to attack early on in the rally but loses the point as her final shot, an overhead smash, lands beyond the baseline. Excellent anticipation from Jabeur as she hits the volley and then guesses the backhand down the line from Swiatek to hit a forehand volley into the open court to go 30-15 up. Swiatek’s forehand shot goes wide and Jabeur has two break points. Solid defense from Swiatek and Jabeur’s forehand down the line lands long. One break point gone. Backhand into the net from Jabeur and another opportunity goes – deuce. Body serve from Swiatek works well and now, she has the chance to hold. A double fault at this stage from Swiatek – deuce again. Brilliant forehand down the line from Jabeur after running from one to the other on the baseline. Swiatek’s return lands into the net. Break point for Jabeur. Drop shot does the damage for Jabeur yet again – deuce. Jabeur sends the backhand long and it is a game point for Swiatek. Serve down the T and Jabeur’s return goes long.

Swiatek 4-4 Jabeur*

Wide serve from Jabeur and Swiatek’s forehand return is heaby. Backhand return from Swiatek goes wide – Jabeur up 30-0. Two unforced errors from Jabeur make it 30-all. Game point for Jabeur as Swiatek is unable to get any time on her backhand return. Lovely serve from Jabeur and she holds.

Swiatek* 4-3 Jabeur

Drop shot tried, point lost. Jabeur 0-15 down. First double fault of the match for Swiatek. Jabeur wrong foots the Pole and hits to the forehand side. Th return from Swiatek lands into the net. A forehand down the line winner and Jabeur gets two break points. Wastes first with a forehand return that goes long. And the second one goes out of the window as well as Jabeur’s forehand lands beyond the baseline. Excellent play from Jabeur to first go for the inside-out forehand and follow it up with a down the line forehand. Swiatek unable to retrieve. Jabeur brings things back on serve as Swiatek’s backhand return hits the top of the net but the ball lands on her side.

Swiatek 4-2 Jabeur*

A 75mph second serve allows Swiatek to hit a powerful cross-court backhand return and Jabeur’s return hits the net – 15-all. Forehand down the line from Jabeur and Swiatek’s lob lands wide. Swiatek capitalises yet again on Jabeur’s second serve and hits a perfect backhand down the line. Cross-court backhand winner for Swiatek gives her a break point. Jabeur targets the forehand of Swiatek and eventually forces out a heavy return – deuce. Well, does not work every time. Swiatek finds a forehand winner down the line. Running forehand from Jabeur goes long and she hands the break back.

Swiatek* 3-2 Jabeur

Another cross-court forehand attempted mid-rally from Jabeur and this time, she does find the line to go 30-15 up. Deep return on Swiatek’s first serve by Jabeur and Swiatek’s backhand hits the net. Two break points for the Tunisian. Jabeur breaks back as she goes for the forehand pass and Swiatek is unable to get her full racquet behind the ball.

Swiatek 3-1 Jabeur*

Swiatek’s defense has been immaculate today. Another example as she moves freely from end to end and eventually, Jabeur goes for a risky forehand down the land and misses it by some distance. A double fault at 15-30 from Jabeur. Two break points for Swiatek who is simply cruising here. Wide serve and Swiatek’s return hits the net. One saved. Another powerful wide serve followed by a forehand down the line – Deuce. That’s more like it from the Tunisian. Error on the forehand from Jabeur as she tries to go flatter but hits the net. Another break point for Swiatek. Serve down the T from Jabeur and Swiatek’s return is not strong enough to even make it to the net. Massive serve down the T and Swiatek’s return goes long. Huge save for Jabeur as she holds serve.

Swiatek* 3-0 Jabeur

An opportunity for Jabeur as she goes 30-15 up on Swiatek’s serve after the Pole hits a cross-court forehand wide. Drop shot tried again and Jabeur fails yet again – 30-all. Cross-court backhand from Jabeur hits the net. Swiatek has a game point. And she duly converts it with a backhand down the line winner.

Swiatek 2-0 Jabeur*

Third double fault of the match for Jabeur – 15-all. An 81mph second serve and Swiatek hits a powerful backhand return to go 30-15 up. One of the longer rallies of the match and Swiatek overcooks the forehand – 30-all. Another failed drop shot from Jabeur and Swiatek has a break point. Deep cross-court backhand from Jabeur and Swiatek’s backhand return goes only as far as the net – Deuce. Jabeur hits a forehand down the line winner but follows it up with an unforced error on the cross-court forehand – Deuce again. Swiatek’s forehand hits the top of the net but the ball stays in, Jabeur goes for the cross-court forehand shot, Swiatek hits one down the line and Jabeur falls while trying to send the return. Backhand down the line winner from Swiatek gives her the break.

Swiatek* 1-0 Jabeur

Here comes the first drop shot from Jabeur but it lands into the net – 15-all on Swiatek’s serve. Body serve from Swiatek proves to be effective and Jabeur simply unable to move out of the way. Unforced error from Swiatek – forehand lands beyond the baseline. Another body serve from Swiatek and Jabeur’s backhand return lands wide. Jabeur does not manage to wear down Swiatek on this occasion and end the point with an overhead smash – Deuce. A beautiful down the line backhand from Swiatek to win the next point. And a forehand on the opposite line gives Swiatek the game.

FIRST SET (* denotes server)

Swiatek 6-2 Jabeur*

Jabeur to serve to stay in the set. Errors – a forehand into the net followed by a missed overhead smash – and Jabeur is 0-30 down. And she wins the next point with an overhead smash. Another forehand into the net from the Tunisian and two set points for Swiatek. Swiatek keeps on defending and eventually, Jabeur hits one backhand into the net. Opening set goes to the world number one in half and hour.

Swiatek* 5-2 Jabeur

Wide serve from Swiatek and Jabeur’s sliced forehand return lands into the net – 30-15. Cross-court forehand from Swiatek has Jabeur scrambling for a backhand return. Swiatek finishes the point with a forehand down the line. A miscued forehand volley from Jabeur and Swiatek holds serve.

Swiatek 4-2 Jabeur*

A faulty groundstroke from Swiatek hits the net. Deep backhand return from Swiatek followed by a forehand down the line – 15-all. Jabeur looks to close the net but Swiatek, with an open stance, comes up with a backhand pass. Two break points for Swiatek. Jabeur saves one as Swiatek sends the forehand wide. Excellent forehand from Swiatek, the ball landing bang on the baseline followed by another forehand down the line to restore her advantage.

Swiatek* 3-2 Jabeur

Amazing reactions from Swiatek. The volley didn’t work, she was forced to retrieve a cross-court forehand pass before hitting a gorgeous cross-court backhand winner that landed just before the tramline. Backhand down the line winner from Jabeur and she stares as if she is saying, “It’s on!”. A cross-court forehand winner takes Jabeur 40-15 up. Jabeur mishits a forehand and the ball goes flying off the court. Forehand down the line winner for Jabeur and we are back on serve.

Swiatek 3-1 Jabeur*

Forehand return from Swiatek goes long. Forehand down the line attempted from the Pole hits the net. Great one-two combo from Jabeur- wide serve followed by a forehand down the line from the net. A double fault. Still two game points. Make that one as Swiatek hits a deep backhand return and Jabeur’s backhand in reply hits the top of the net. Forehand from Swiatek goes wide and Jabeur, finally, opens her account.

Swiatek* 3-0 Jabeur

Swiatek wrong foots Jabeur and hits the inside-out forehand winner – 30-15. More aggression from Swiatek – keeps Jabeur to the right corner and eventually comes to the net and hits a forehand winner towards the left corner. Heavy return from Jabeur and Swiatek consolidates the break. Jabeur has won just two points in the match so far.

Swiatek 2-0 Jabeur*

A backhand going wide followed by a double fault. Nervous start for Jabeur. Running forehand from the Tunisian goes wide. Three break points for Swiatek. The Pole rushes towards the net, Jabeur goes for the backhand pass but sends it wide. Early break for Swiatek.

Swiatek* 1-0 Jabeur

A 79mph first serve to begin the match for Swiatek. Two forehand errors from Jabeur and Swiatek is up 30-0. An ace down the T. Swiatek does all the hard work before hitting an easy backhand volley wide – 40-15. A cross-court backhand winner to hold serve for the world number one.

Warm-up is done. Game time!

1:38AM IST: The two finalists have stepped onto the court. First up, Ons Jabeur, followed by Iga Swiatek.

1:15AM IST: Just 15 minutes to go for live action. Here’s a stat to show how this well and truly is a final between the two best players this season.

1:10AM IST: What have the two finalists said about each other?


“She has a different game style than most of the players. She has a great touch. All these things mixed up, yeah, she’s just a tough opponent. That’s why probably our matches are always kind of physical and really tight. I don’t know what was the score in Rome, but I remember it as a really tight match anyway, because there were a lot of ads, I think.

“She’s just a tough opponent and fully deserves to be in the final. I think it’s going to be a great battle.”


“You know, Iga never loses finals, so it’s going to be very tough. I know she struggled a little bit with the balls here, but I don’t see her struggling much, to be honest with you. She’s playing awesome. It’s going to be a tough match. Definitely going for my revenge.

“I love playing on this surface, and I feel like I know exactly what to do against her.”

1AM IST: Records on offer (via WTA)-

If Swiatek wins

  • ⦿
    She becomes the first Polish woman to win the US Open
  • ⦿
    At 21 years old, Swiatek becomes the youngest three-time major champion since Maria Sharapova won the 2008 Australian Open at 20.
  • ⦿
    She become the first No.1 to win the US Open since Serena Williams in 2014.
  • ⦿
    She clinches seventh title this season, becoming the first player since Williams in 2014 to win at least that many.
  • ⦿
    Swiatek would also become the first woman to win two majors in a season since Angelique Kerber in 2016.

If Jabeur wins

  • ⦿
    She becomes the first Tunisian, Arab or African woman to win a Slam title. The last African player to win a major title was South Africa’s Johan Kriek in 1981.

12:50AM IST: Head-to-head

Their head-to-head record is 2-2, with Swiatek winning their only meeting this year, 6-2, 6-2 in the Rome final.

12:40AM IST:Run to the final


12:30AM IST: The stage is set for a historic US Open women’s singles final. The title would not be just the winning player’s first but for her nation as well. Swiatek vs Jabeur. Two of the best players of the season to battle out at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. Live action begins at 1:30AM IST. Till then, stay tuned for all the pre-match build-up.


Iga Swiatek can cement her status as world number one on Saturday when she faces history-chasing Ons Jabeur in the US Open’s women’s final.

Swiatek would become the first woman in six years to win two different Grand Slams in the same season if she adds the US Open crown to the French Open title she collected in June.

The rising Polish star underscored her resilience in Thursday’s semifinals, recovering from 4-2 down in the final set to defeat hard-hitting sixth seed Aryna Sabalenka 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

That hard-earned victory left the 21-year-old from Warsaw on the brink of a first Grand Slam title on a surface other than clay.

A two-time champion at Roland Garros, Swiatek admitted before the US Open that she found the uniquely raucous atmosphere at Flushing Meadows a challenging environment.

But she has proven her adaptability over the past fortnight, twice recovering from being a set down to reach the final. Her calmness under pressure rescued her in Thursday’s clash with Sabalenka.

Broken three times in the opening set by the dominant Belarusian, she regrouped mentally in an emergency bathroom break and returned to grind out victory.

“When I was younger all I would do in the bathroom between sets after I lost was cry,” Swiatek revealed later.

“But this time I could think about what to change and actually problem solve.”

– Mental resilience –

That mental durability is the result of her work with sports psychologist Daria Abramowicz over the past two years.

“Earlier in my career I felt like my emotions kind of were taking over and I was panicking a little bit when I was losing,” Swiatek said.

“I grew up. And the work we’ve put in with Daria for sure helped. Now it’s just easier for me to actually logically think what I can change,” she revealed.

Part of Swiatek’s mental approach has been to embrace her uncertainty with hardcourts.

“I trust myself for sure on clay,” she said. “Here I just try to accept maybe that sometimes I’m not going to trust myself. It’s not something negative for me. I find it pretty motivating to try and get better.”

Swiatek’s preference for clay was on full display in her only other meeting with Jabeur this season, when she dispatched the Tunisian 6-2, 6-2 in the Italian Open final at Rome.

Yet Swiatek and Jabeur head into Saturday’s final with a 2-2 record from their four previous encounters.

Jabeur has also inflicted hefty defeats on the Polish top seed in recent seasons, beating her in straight sets at Cincinnati in 2021.

“Our matches are always kind of physical and really tight, even though the scores may not be,” Swiatek said of Jabeur.

“She’s just a tough opponent and fully deserves to be in the final. I think it’s going to be a great battle.”

– Jabeur eyes history –

Fifth seed Jabeur, meanwhile, has also enjoyed a breakout year, which saw her become the first African woman to reach the Wimbledon final in July before her campaign in New York.

Ons Jabeur celebrates after winning her semifinal match against Caroline Garcia. | Photo Credit: REUTERS

Jabeur could make history by becoming the first woman from Africa to win a Grand Slam title on Saturday.

Jabeur – affectionately known as the “Minister of Happiness” in her homeland — was unable to deliver the Wimbledon title, beaten in three sets by Elena Rybakina.

However, the late-blooming 28-year-old looks more than capable of claiming her maiden Grand Slam on Saturday.

In the semi-finals on Thursday, she demolished the in-form Caroline Garcia in straight sets, using a powerful service game to keep the Frenchwoman on the back foot while cleverly varying her range of shots in a 6-1, 6-3 rout.

Jabeur, however, is under no illusions that Swiatek is likelier to prove a tougher nut to crack.

The Pole has not dropped a set in the nine tournament finals she has played since her lone WTA final defeat in Lugano three years ago.

“Iga never loses finals, so it’s going to be very tough,” Jabeur said.

“I know she struggled a little bit with the balls here, but I don’t see her struggling much, to be honest with you. She’s playing awesome. It’s going to be a tough match. Definitely going for my revenge. I love playing on this surface, and I feel like I know exactly what to do against her,” she added.

Live Streaming Info, when and where to watch?

The 2022 US Open women’s singles final between Iga Swiatek of Poland and Ons Jabeur of Tunisia will be telecast live on Sony Sports Network and streamed live on the Sony Liv App from 1:30AM IST on Sunday, September 11.

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