Best Fire Emblem Interactive Characters

As in many Fire Emblem game, there’s really no “best” character to use in To rent. Due to things like Second Seal to change classes, Master Seal to reach advanced classes, and inheritance of the Symbolic Ring skill, everyone can become useful! Your best characters are probably the ones whose overall design, personality, or gameplay values ​​you like. However, there are a few units that I’ve found particularly useful to play with. Therefore, I recommend keeping them on hand when fighting your battles.

Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers below in this list of the best potential Fire Emblem joins character.


Alear is great! That’s good, because you’re forced to use them in big battles! Their unique weapon Liberation is a great sword with a great Str and Hit that can also fill the Engage meter. Divine Inspiration ensures nearby allies deal +3 damage and take 1 point less damage. Divine Spirit also ensures the Engage meter fills up one step faster. Meanwhile, their overall index formed quite well.



You’ll probably want an archer all the time, and I think Alcryst should be that archer. Mine ends up with both Str and Dex higher than Fogado, your other great archer option. He also gets the Covert benefit which doubles his Avo from the terrain. He comes with the Get Behind Me skill, which gives him +3 Str if an ally in two dimensions is attacked. Once he becomes a Tireur d’elite, he can learn Fire Emblem Pin Luna, can ignore half of an enemy’s Def/Res based on a percentage of Dex.



I hate Pandreo’s howl, but I can’t deny his versatility. He has become one of my best Fire Emblem joins character. This is because although you will get healers that can cast spells and vice versa, in my game he turns out to be one of the best healers and magic damage units . His Mag, Dex, Res, and Lck all skyrocketed. His High Priest Self Healing allows him to cast sticks on himself, which is great for survivability. Party Animal checks how many allies and enemies there are in two gaps, which results in a 3x bonus for Avo and Hit. Plus his Mystic class status ignores the enemy terrain Avo bonus. He’s amazing, and I almost hate him for it!

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Alcryst isn’t the only Brodian prince you should keep. Diamant has finally become one of the best Fire Emblem joins so are my game characters. He is of the “Backup” type, which means that if he is within range of an ally’s attack, he will join a chain attack to help deal extra damage. Mine ended up with amazing Str and Def stats. Fair fight, gives him and the enemy +15 hits in an encounter if he initiates the attack and the enemy can counterattack, very useful. He also studied the Fire Emblem pin Sol as the Successor, looking at his Dex stats to determine his odds of recovering 50% of the damage he deals enemies to health. He’s basically a powerful tank!

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Units can double duty by being good damage dealers and healers which are extremely handy throughout Fire Emblem joins. That’s usually spring. She can get S rank with books easily, her Magic stat is excellent and she will probably be one of your first flying units that can heal, help her Easy access to allies. She starts with One Heart, which means she gains +20 hits when facing her most recent opponent again. As a Lindwurm, she will also learn Grasping Void, which relies on her Dex to determine her ability to deal extra damage based on books based on half of the enemy’s Mag stat.

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jeans are Fire Emblem joinshis “village” character, which means he has essentially endless potential thanks to his initial skill expertise. It guarantees stat growth as he levels up. Since he started out as a Master like Framme, his senior rank would be High Priest. So, like Pandreo, he gets great Mystic and Self-Healing bonuses. But since he has an Expertise, you can play around with the iconic Ring to level up your proficiency, have fun and turn him into a really fun class.



Personally, I prefer to keep Zelkov as my thief, but I have to admit Yunaka is the more valuable unit. That’s thanks to her first skill, Trained to Kill. If she gets the Avo bonus from the terrain she’s on, her Critical Rate will also increase to 15. Consider that my Critical Rate is already admirably high (it was already) pass 20 at level 25) and she has a Concealment benefit that doubles her terrain Avo Bonus, and she’s just too helpful.

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It’s perhaps no surprise that Veyle is one of the best in general Fire Emblem joins character. Mine tends to almost die often, due to the extremely low HP. However, she does come with two awesome unit-specific weapons, the Misericorde dagger and the Obscurite book. Even so, her Mag and Res are great! She also comes with Fell Protection, which gives adjacent allies +1 damage and -3 damage, and Fell Spirit, which refills her Engage meter every turn.

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Honorable Mentions: Citrine and Panette

Here are my two “your mileage may vary” options. Citrine I love for generosity. If she uses a heal item, every adjacent ally gains the same amount of health, making her your only non-Micaiah AOE healer instantly. As a Sage, she also gains Spell Harmony, which benefits her when around other allies by increasing ATK equal to those of those adjacent when she uses a book.

For Panette, give her a large steel or silver Ax. Let her Berserker Smash+ skill push enemies two distances with the big ax’s Smash attack. Put her in danger so her basic Blood Fury skill gives her +10 Critical as long as her HP isn’t at 100%. Leverage her “Backup” nature to help build allies’ attack chains. Profit.

Fire Emblem joins available for Nintendo Switch.


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