10 Fire Emblem Attracts Irresistible S-Class Lovers

Fire Emblem joins removes the romance between allies, meaning there is no pairing ending, but allows some characters to start a love relationship with Alear after given the treaty ring. It’s a bit of a twist to the series, given that most entries have love preferences for both the main and other characters and paired endings. However, the more romantic moments currently can be quite endearing and well-executed. As an example of some of the better romances that people can pursue, here are some of the better handled romances in Fire Emblem joins.

As you can guess, yes, there will be spoilers for Fire Emblem joins romance between Alar and other characters below.

Some Fire Emblem appeal to S-rank romantics Don't hold back Alfred

Alright, I was sure Alfred will be one of the characters who is not a romantic choice in Fire Emblem joins. Like he was the first C-rank chat I unlocked, and he started the conversation by claiming Aear was his “friend”. I’m thinking, “Okay. I had the idea that this would come due to the Japanese ratings. Strong.” Then, as I saved my time looking at the various S-rank picks before facing the final battle for the first time, I thought I’d see Alfred’s results after pursuing the picks. my first pick. (Zelkov, Mauvier, Pandreo and Diamant, in case you’re curious.)

I was surprised to see how it started! Letting Alfred go, that friendship wouldn’t be severed, and he basically denied it and tried to focus on the “friends” that were really cool. I ended up liking it a lot.


Is it just me or does Diamant almost feel like he could be the “default” male love interest for Alear? From the way they met to the way the story unfolded, it seemed to work. (By the way, I feel the same way about Ivy.) The two are also open to each other in their Support C, B, and A chats. They trust each other enough to know what their weaknesses are.

Plus, I love how Diamant took a medal that was so important to him and used it to make a ring for Alear, as a way of “proposing” first.


Speaking of Ivy… This really feels like a fitting conclusion to her story. After discovering that all this time she was a secret believer of the Dragon God, it seemed fitting for her to spend the rest of her life with Alear. It was great to see Alear say that they wanted to open up to her the way she did to them. Also, it’s one of those times where we really get to see the emotional side of Ivy and that’s always fun.


Although the conversations between the characters tend to be platonic, it feels like Kagetsu is constantly showing his romantic interest in Alear throughout. Fire Emblem joins. He is very affectionate. If you give him a gift he likes, he suggests that he might kiss (“quiz”) you. So when it comes to S-rank, it’s gratifying to see him candidly admit that the idea of ​​Alear being with someone else is coming his way and that he’s jealous.

It also led to one of his most loving and affectionate final confessions, in which he bluntly said, “I would dedicate my life to making you happy. Because I love you!”

Some Fire Emblem appeal to S rank romances Don't hold back Mauvier

It seems that Mauvier and Alear have a lot in common, despite being on opposite sides for much of the war. We really see it in the Class C, B, and A conversations. They both go out of their way to help people, and they work together to try to aid in the recovery process. Both also have a capital P Recentlythis can lead to a sense of redemption that they can deal with together as Mauvier recovers.

But I really like being in the last S rank Fire Emblem joins The conversation between two people shows how obvious the romance and attraction between them is. Alear easily points out Mauvier’s finer points. Veyle noticed Mauvier’s feelings for Alear and approved of her. It is very sweet.

Some Fire Emblem appeal to S rank romances Don't hold back Merrin

It’s nice to see Merrin flustered in Fire Emblem joins, as she’s usually a cold and self-possessed character, and that’s exactly what happens in her S-class romance with Alear. The conversation initially looks like it will focus on her upcoming book. However, it was at that moment that she confessed her feelings to Than Long. Their ending also hints at romance and bonding between the two after the story, which is heartwarming.

Some Fire Emblem appeal to S rank romances Don't hold back Pandreo

How much I hate when I finally love this barking, howling priest! He’s actually a fun character and often quite thoughtful. Throughout his storyline, he opens his heart to Aear and makes them interact with ordinary people who also worship the Dragon God.

It’s great to see a genuine relationship grow from there. It was a place where Pandreo didn’t just see Alear as someone to worship. So honestly, I really like the idea of ​​the two of them together. Especially since their conversation at S-rank can feel genuine.

Some Fire Emblem appeal to S rank romances Don't hold back Saphir

With Saphir, I love her sensibility in this romance. She is always a strong woman throughout the game. Even throughout her conversations with Alear, she remains this solid protagonist. But once the idea of ​​them being partners forever comes along, we see that other side. It’s especially great to hear Alear say that they want to become strong enough to protect her. Not to mention she’ll say, “Can I really let myself be this happy?”


I’m worried for Seadall! Dude, you were wandering in the desert and almost got killed. You are holding yourself to possibly impossible standards in order to be the best dancer possible. When we get to the B-class chat, we find that the perfect facade can drop. In addition, he is so obsessed with perfection that he may sometimes refuse his gifts or rely on “cards” for answers. We also see him willing to become a bit more short-tempered as a result of the relationship.

Also, Seadall continues the trend of basically proposing to Alear before they do, which really helps to make the relationship sound like a real one.

Some Fire Emblem appeal to S rank romances Don't hold back Zelkov

I like characters with many faces, and Zelkov feels that way. The Supports leading up to the S rank are mostly playful, with fun exchanges between two people who can relax with each other. At the same time, we get to know him better.

Also, I’m also a big fan of Fire Emblem joins S-rank walks in which a character prepares a gift for Alear before receiving the Treaty Ring. It really shows that this is not a one-way thing, and it happens here.

Again, there are other romantic S-class chats in Fire Emblem joinsand you can find one of them according to your taste.

Fire Emblem joins available for Nintendo Switch.


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