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Sitting high on the list of longest running video game franchises with 33 years and changes, Phantasy Star has touched the lives of many and inspired many of the following. And, that journey will continue. We’re excited to announce today that our new Phantasy Star Online 2: Genesis action RPG will be available on PS4 on August 31st. If you’re new to the series, let me provide provide you with an ideal resume.

A brief history of the future RPG series

Phantasy Star has changed over the past three decades, but some concepts have remained the same. Originally developed for the Sega Master System in 1987, these single-player RPGs eventually became a quartet and, although mostly set in the same star system, can each be rewarded Wake up as an independent adventure. The inclusion of classic sci-fi and fantasy themed aspects made these games unique for their time, while the player journeyed across multiple planets, exploring dungeons and Fight with fearsome enemies. The four titles have been critically acclaimed for their gameplay and visuals.

In 2000, the series inspired one of the first console games with online multiplayer: Phantasy Star Online. The game’s party-based system and combat-based PvE gameplay made it one of the first pioneers of online gameplay in the console market. The 2006 Phantasy Star universe will continue the trend of the series as each entry has a new setting and story, while evolving its sci-fi signature war. Finally, in 2012, Phantasy Star Online 2 launched its own journey to the stars.

A new creation

August 31 marks the launch of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis on PS4. It’s a big update, as the game system and graphics engine have been completely overhauled, and the exploration has changed from a hub-based to a true open world, as well as a new story. and a cast of characters set more than 1,000 years after the events of PSO2.

New Genesis players can still explore PSO2 content with their characters by accessing in-game gear and teleporting to the original world at their leisure. This makes New Genesis the perfect starting point for newbies, as they will have access to both games. And all this is F2P, as a Playstation Plus subscription is not required to play the Playstation 4 version of the New Genesis.

New Genesis: Fight and explore, solo or with friends

Like its predecessors, New Genesis is built around engaging, story-driven quests and intense real-time combat sequences as you explore and fight your way across the planet. halpha planet.

While quite engaging as a solo adventure, New Genesis is also fun with friends and others, as players can form groups of up to 4 and play in the Discovery Zones where they can Up to 32 players at the same time. There are also Emergency Quests, which inhabit harder enemies and Bosses, allowing up to 2 parties or 8 players in total.

When it comes to party dynamics, this isn’t your typical heal, tank, and double damage class. No, it’s not necessary here. While some classes have abilities that aid in the play of others (such as the ability to deal damage or assist defense, or heal on a large scale) there are no strict roles in NGS. .

Also, you don’t get Skill Points or abilities simply by leveling up. To place points in your Skill Tree, you need to earn them by visiting Trainia and Cocoons, where you’ll defeat enemies and solve puzzles in a simulated environment. These can be done in a party and are repeatable for in-game currency and experience (but no Extra Skill Points after first completion). You can also create groups for Urgent Quests on demand, called Trigger Quests, which can be accessed through the Quest in any of the three cities.

Finally, New Genesis areas are isolated into Blocks and Rooms, so you can teleport to a Block in the Region or city where your friends are, or create a Private Room that only you and your friends live in. only you can access. Exploration zones allow up to 32 players and battle zones allow up to 8 players.

Dynamic interactions and tasks in NGS

While there are quests from NPCs in the three main cities, much of the experience players earn in NGS comes from dynamic interactions that happen on the field. Emergency Tests are often present, and these may involve defending downed aircraft against enemy troops, killing strong enemies with other players, or other situations. Storms can strike the landscape and cause particularly powerful enemies, known as Gigantix, to appear. You will need help from quite a few players to maneuver them. Rewards from defeating enemies can be in-game currency, experience, weapons and armor (some high or rare) and accessories to enhance your gear. Some enemies in certain locations may even drop cosmetic items to further customize your character.

One layer above

You’ll choose from nine main classes and can choose a subclass, which supports the player’s individual playstyle and goals. Want to keep your enemies close? Try the Fighter/Hunter class combo. Like a remote spell? Test the Force/Techter combo. Are you thinking about moving it up? Just visit the Classroom Counter in any major city and change your class as you like. There are 17 weapon types available in the game and all classes save for one (newly released Waker) having their choice of few. The Skill Tree for each class also allows you to tailor your active and passive abilities to suit your playstyle and preferred weapon type.

New Magic in New Genesis: Photon Art and Technique

Players can use either Photon Arts (PA) or Techniques, providing them with an arsenal of optional weapons in battle. Photon Arts vary depending on the player’s weapon choice, and the weapon choice depends on the player’s class.

Change weapons during combat to really make your gameplay fun. Do you feel like tossing the perfect top lane after taking down your enemies as a Fighter? Let’s pat some Knuckles and use Thousand Blows PA. Is the enemy still alive? Just switch to your Double Saber and create a tornado with Quick Gash. As a Fighter class, you can use Partizans, Double Sabers, and Knuckles and have up to 6 weapons on your Weapon Board for quick changes in battle.

Some classes use Technique instead of Photon Technique, and some can be dropped from safety while others target enemies at close range. As a Force, the player can use Rod or Talis to cast Techniques, all of which have some sort of elemental link.

Use the Grants Technique with a Rod and summon Lightswords down on your opponents, then follow it with Gimegid to shoot Shadow photons at enemies close to you. Casting Elemental Techniques also has another benefit beyond just dealing damage, which is that many enemies have Elemental Points. Target enemies with an element-matching Technique where they are weak and you can inflict a Knockdown Technique, which is a special knocked down state where the enemy is unresponsive for a period of time. Doing elemental damage will make you popular with other players as they can comfortably damage enemies during that time without fear of retaliation. Physical kills of enemies are also possible, and they can be achieved by targeting the enemy’s Weakness, where the damage is increased.

Have a good time in Halpha

PS4 players will discover there are 3 regions of the planet Halpha ready to explore: Aelio, Retem and Kvaris.

Aelio is lush and green, filled with picturesque peaks and valleys – as well as the Enemy Laboratory Ruins and Mount Magnus.

The Retem region is a desert with a harsh landscape. The shifting sands surround a massive pyramid structure, with a large mountain to the southwest. Many Tames, or passive beasts, inhabit the area and tend to congregate around some of the oases found in the area.

In direct contrast to the heat of the desert is the freezing cold of the Kvaris region, which the player has explored since June 2022. The presence of snow provides the player with a new mode of movement, that is. is the Floating Board, or snowboard, and the area is dotted with acceleration pads and alternating jumps. To the west of Kvaris is the deadly Rayjord Gorge, an area that challenges the player by not only sheltering dangerous enemies, but also by exposing them to frigid temperatures that can be fatal if left unchecked. properly calculated. The deadliest enemy, the Ancient Enemy, will appear from time to time and the player will need the help of others (up to 32) to battle them. If the player can survive the environmental effects and mighty enemies, the potential rewards of exploring the area are quite desirable.

There’s a lot more to learn about this game, so mark your calendars and take some time as needed to experience Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis on Playstation 4 when it closes on August 31st. !

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