Akita’s 7 most unusual habits

The Akita is a dog breed famous not only for its majestic appearance and powerful stature, but also for its unique and often surprising habits. Native to Japan, where they are revered as national treasures, Akitas have historically been used for big game hunting, protection and as symbols of good health, happiness and long life. These dogs are known for their loyalty and complex personalities, which include a range of behaviors that may seem unusual to those unfamiliar with the breed. Understanding these special traits can help owners and enthusiasts appreciate the full depth of their personality and provide better care tailored to their specific needs. This article delves into seven of the Akita’s most unusual habits, exploring the reasons behind these behaviors and what they mean for the people who live with these noble animals.

1. Silent vigilance

Akita are known for their dignified and reserved nature, often observing their surroundings in silence. Unlike other breeds that may bark or whine when something attracts their attention, Akitas prefer to observe quietly, making them excellent watch dogs. This habit stems from their history as hunting dogs, where silence was a prized trait. In a home environment, this means they may be less disruptive than other vocal breeds, but it also requires owners to pay attention to their subtle signals to understand their needs. and their emotions.

2. Groom like a cat

Akita have cat-like self-grooming habits, which is quite unusual for such a large breed. They often lick their paws and fur, trying to keep it clean. This behavior not only helps them preserve their fur but also reduces grooming time required by their owners. However, excessive grooming can sometimes indicate anxiety or skin problems, so it is important that owners monitor this behavior to ensure it does not become a health concern. Strong.

3. Bring food

Akita often have a special habit of taking food out of the bowl to another location before eating. This may stem from their instincts as hunting dogs, where moving food can help protect a valuable find from other predators. For Akita owners, this means setting up a dining area that accommodates this preference for privacy and security or training to minimize this behavior if it becomes problematic.

4. Distance yourself from strangers

Akita are naturally wary of strangers, a trait that makes them excellent protectors of their homes. They can be very reserved, even cold towards people they do not know, which contrasts with their affectionate behavior towards family members. This unusual habit requires them to be socialized from an early age to ensure they can differentiate between normal and threatening situations, thereby reducing stress for the dog and its family.

5. Strong prey

Despite their large size and sometimes sluggish appearance, Akitas have strong hunting abilities. This can manifest itself by chasing smaller animals, cars, or anything that moves fast. This instinct may surprise those who expect the Akita to be a calm companion and should be carefully managed through training and safety precautions to prevent accidents.

6. Protect resources

Akitas may exhibit protective habits of their possessions, from toys and food to space and even people. While this can be considered a loyalty trait, it can become a problem if not managed properly. Teaching them to trust and share through consistent training and positive reinforcement is vital to minimizing overly possessive behaviors.

7. Tremendous loyalty and commitment

One of the adorable yet challenging habits of Akitas is their tendency to form intense bonds with a particular family member, often following them restlessly around the house. This loyalty is heartwarming but can also lead to separation anxiety when the person they choose is absent. Ensuring that Akitas feel safe and comfortable even when they are not with their favorite person is important for their mental health.

The Akita is as complex as it is majestic, with habits that can be both fascinating and challenging. Understanding these traits is essential for anyone considering an Akita as a companion, as it helps provide a nurturing environment that respects the breed’s history and natural instincts. With proper care and understanding, Akitas are loyal, loving pets whose unusual habits only deepen the bond with their owners.


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