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Bridewell tops Snetterton opener ahead of Brookes and O’Halloran

2023 British Superbike Championship
Round Five – Snetterton

Superbike Qualifying

Jason O’Halloran claimed his first pole position of the season at Snetterton on Saturday afternoon. The O’Show fired to the top of the times with Glenn Irwin splitting the McAMS Yamaha team-mates as Tito Rabat impressed on his debut with the team by completing the front row.

Jason O’Halloran scored his first pole of the season

Championship leader Tommy Bridewell headed the second row of the grid in fourth position on the second of the BeerMonster Ducatis ahead of previous Champions Josh Brookes and Leon Haslam who complete the second row.

Superbike Qualifying Results

Pos Rider Bike Q1 Q2
1 Jason O’HALLORAN Yamaha 1m47.111
2 Glenn IRWIN Ducati 1m47.373
3 Tito RABAT Yamaha 1m48.334 1m47.456
4 Tommy BRIDEWELL Ducat 1m47.719
5 Josh BROOKES BMW 1m47.754
6 Leon HASLAM BMW 1m48.032
7 Charlie NESBITT Honda 1m48.651 1m48.162
8 Danny KENT Honda 1m48.399 1m48.215
9 Jack KENNEDY Yamaha 1m48.612 1m48.249
10 Danny BUCHAN BMW 1m48.307
11 Christian IDDON Ducati 1m48.311
12 Max COOK Kawasaki 1m48.351
13 Lee JACKSON Kawasaki 1m48.407
14 Luke MOSSEY BMW 1m48.591 1m48.428
15 Tom NEAVE Honda 1m48.935 1m48.450
16 Kyle RYDE Yamaha 1m48.673
17 Peter HICKMAN BMW 1m48.981
18 Ryan VICKERS Yamaha 1m51.080
19 Bradley PERIE Kawasaki 1m48.964
20 Dean HARRISON Kawasaki 1m48.972
21 Josh OWENS Honda 1m48.980
22 Héctor BARBERÁ Honda 1m48.991
23 Storm STACEY Kawasaki 1m49.192
24 Jack SCOTT Kawasaki 1m49.510
25 Franco BOURNE Honda 1m49.750
26 Liam DELVES Kawasaki  1m50.440

Superbike Race One

Tommy Bridewell claimed his second win of the season as the BeerMonster Ducati rider emerged on top following a last lap scrap for supremacy at Snetterton as three different teams and manufacturers vied for victory.

Bridewell, Irwin, Brookes, O’Halloran

After an intense twelve-lap battle, it came down to the final lap in the BikeSocial Sprint Race with Glenn Irwin leading the pack ahead of Bridewell, Josh Brookes and Jason O’Halloran. However, the fight would go all the way to the chequered flag as Bridewell dived ahead at Nelsons to put himself ahead of his BeerMonster Ducati teammate for the lead.

Tommy Bride well dived underneath team-mate Glenn Irwin for the lead

Irwin was looking to strike back, but he also had Brookes for company and the FHO Racing BMW Motorrad Team rider went for a last corner move on the brakes into Murrays and that gave the Australian the edge for second place.

It was then a drag to the line for third place and the final podium position and O’Halloran managed to get a better exit on the McAMS Yamaha from Murrays, and he was able to hold off Irwin to the finish to relegate him to fourth by just 0.056s.

Tommy Bridewell

O’Halloran had taken the initial lead at the start, but Irwin had taken the advantage on the opening lap. However, by lap seven Bridewell had moved ahead and then it was a battle of the teammates until Brookes and O’Halloran closed the advantage in the final laps.

Jason O’Halloran leading early on

Christian Iddon equalled his best result of the season after fighting to fifth, breaking the chasing pack of Danny Kent who returned to the top six and Lee Jackson on the Cheshire Mouldings Kawasaki.

Glenn Irwin got past O’Halloran and Tito Rabat was running third early on in the race

Jack Kennedy battled with Charlie Nesbitt to take eighth with Tito Rabat embroiled in the fight at the front in the early stages of the race, holding a top ten finish on his debut with the McAMS Yamaha team.

It was a tough opening race for the LAMI OMG Racing Yamaha team with local contender Ryan Vickers retiring from the race and Kyle Ryde finishing in 13th. Meanwhile Honda Racing UK’s rookie Franco Bourne finished in 19th on his BSB debut.

Superbike Race One Results

Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Tommy BRIDEWELL Ducati 21m42.695
2 Josh BROOKES BMW +0.679
3 Jason O’HALLORAN Yamaha +1.136
4 Glenn IRWIN Ducat +1.192
5 Christian IDDON Ducati +4.607
6 Danny KENT Honda +9.646
7 Lee JACKSON Kawasaki +10.828
8 Jack KENNEDY Yamaha +11.694
9 Charlie NESBITT Honda +12.534
10 Tito RABAT Yamaha +12.936
11 Max COOK Kawasaki +12.962
12 Tom NEAVE Honda +15.257
13 Kyle RYDE Yamaha +18.933
14 Luke MOSSEY BMW +20.838
15 Dean HARRISON Kawasak +22.848
16 Storm STACEY Kawasaki +23.117
17 Jack SCOTT Kawasaki +24.443
18 Josh OWENS Honda +25.030
19 Franco BOURNE Honda +26.572
20 Peter HICKMAN BMW  +27.918
21 Héctor BARBERÁ Honda  +35.251
22 Liam DELVES Kawasaki +35.664
Not Classified
DNF Ryan VICKERS Yamaha 5 Laps
DNF Bradley PERIE Kawasaki  

Tommy Bridewell – P1

“It was a tough race, it was harder than I wanted it to be and harder than I expected! I just felt really nervous on the grid because I knew I had race winning pace and I expected myself to win. With that comes anxiousness, nervousness, you want to win by 10 seconds, all the usual.

“My start really really made that race so much harder than it needed to be. The ideal scenario was a nice clean start, get away at the front, conserve a bit of energy, save my tyre, and off I go at the end. That was the plan and it worked out the opposite. So I just had to work hard, I knew I could make passes, but I didn’t know where I could. I rode on my own all weekend so I didn’t know where I was fast or slow compared to other riders!

“Coming onto the last lap I said to myself ‘let’s go toe to toe, same bike, same team, may the best man win.’ I just got a good run on him onto the back straight, I could see on my board that Josh was right behind me, plus zero, and Jason was there as well. So it was a battle not just for the race win but obviously you could finish first or fourth. So I knew I had to pass Glenn, I was more thinking about lunging him in the last corner.

“I got the run and I was like ‘you know what let’s just go now, it’s hard to pass in that last sector, so let’s just do it now.’ And that’s what I did, good run out, good run through the Bomb Hole, round through Coram and then I defended into the left because I also knew once the Ducati does pick its feet up and go there’s not much that’s gonna outdrag it to the line. So credit to the team, I’ve won many a race, but I’ve never won here at Snett, so it’s nice. I really worked hard for that and I felt like I rode a really good strong race so I’m chuffed to bits.”

BSB 2023 – Round Five – Snetterton Saturday Sprint Race
1. Tommy Bridewell (BeerMonster Ducati)
2. Josh Brookes (FHO Racing BMW Motorrad) +0.679s
3. Jason O’Halloran (McAMS Yamaha) +1.136s
Josh Brookes – P2

The start of this weekend wasn’t going well, we had some sensor issues yesterday for the opening session and we spent a lot of time in the garage. For FP2 we made a change and a good step forward, I felt some momentum, but then later every change we’d made seemed to have gone in the wrong way and we didn’t really seem to improve. So, we ended up with a bit of a combination of what we had in FP2, just with some slight adjustments and that’s what I had for qualifying. We qualified strong in fifth and the BMW felt good, but as I hadn’t had the same bike across the weekend I wasn’t too confident in the early stages of the race and in the opening laps I lost a few places as I wasn’t really forcing my position on people and you really need to do that here.

“As the race went on, I got more relaxed with the bike, understood it better and was staying consistent. The tyre grip was good – I had a few moments, as we all do, spinning the tyre but nothing I couldn’t manage. At one point I thought I’d have to settle for third as I got past Jason, with Tommy and Glenn too far away, but I managed to close them up as they were fighting as well. At the final turn I didn’t have that plan, but it got to the point where I was coming in and I could see an opportunity, so I went round the outside of Glenn and made my pass. I’m pleased for all the team and sponsors, and everyone as a supporter to be back on the podium today. Fair credit to Tommy he rode a brilliant race and deserved that win.”

Josh Brookes
Jason O’Halloran – P3

It was a good first race for us. We’ve had good pace all weekend and I’m feeling good on the bike. I enjoyed the race, but it was a bit more tricky as it’s hard to stay ahead of the bikes which are faster in a straight line, but we’ll see if we can improve our strong points and make some steps forward for tomorrow and hopefully the long race will help us too, but it’s nice to be on the podium!

Jason O’Halloran
Glenn Irwin – P4

We had some issues yesterday so today’s FP3 was like my FP1, but I felt comfortable on the bike when we got to qualifying. In the race, I felt strong and was surprised when the gap went up to 0.6 Glenn Irwinseconds as I wasn’t deliberately trying to put the hammer down. When Tommy came by me, I could see he was strong, and I learnt a lot from him. I was struggling with the rear through the Bomb Hole and Coram and whilst I was defensive at the end of the straight on the penultimate lap, I wasn’t on the final lap which allowed Tommy through. He beat me fair and square so hats off to him and although it’s very frustrating not to even finish on the podium after leading for so long, it was a good, fun race.”

Bennetts British Superbike Championship Standings

Pos Rider Points
1 Tommy BRIDEWELL (Ducati) 181
2 Glenn IRWIN (Ducati) 164
3 Kyle RYDE (Yamaha) 158
4 Josh BROOKES (BMW) 152
5 Leon HASLAM (BMW) 136
6 Jason O’HALLORAN (Yamaha) 112
7 Lee JACKSON (Kawasaki) 106
8 Christian IDDON (Ducati) 89
9 Ryan VICKERS (Yamaha) 85
10 Jack KENNEDY (Yamaha) 69
11 Peter HICKMAN (BMW) 52
12 Danny KENT (Honda) 50
13 Tom NEAVE (Honda) 45
14 Andrew IRWIN (Honda) 44
15 Charlie NESBITT (Honda) 41
16 Storm STACEY (Kawasaki) 41
17 Dean HARRISON (Kawasaki) 26
18 Danny BUCHAN (BMW) 21
19 Luke MOSSEY (BMW) 19
20 Max COOK (Kawasaki) 18
21 Héctor BARBERÁ (Honda) 7
22 Tim NEAVE (Yamaha) 6
23 Josh OWENS (Honda) 6
24 Tito RABAT (Yamaha) 6
25 Davey TODD (Honda) 2
26 Bradley PERIE (Kawasaki) 1
27 Jack SCOTT (Kawasaki) 1

Superstock 1000 Qualifying

Championship leader Dan Linfoot claimed pole ahead of this weekend’s race as he beat Alex Olsen to the top spot by 0.219secs thanks to a hot lap of 1min 48.948secs.

Alastair Seeley, aboard the SYNETIQ BMW, once again was the only non-Honda in the top five to round out the front row, as Richard Kerr starts fourth and Billy McConnell fifth.

Superstock 1000 Combined Qualifying Results

Pos Rider Bike Q1 Q2
1 Dan LINFOOT Honda 1m48.948
2 Alex OLSEN Honda 1m49.167
3 Alastair SEELEY BMW 1m49.714
4 Richard KERR Honda 1m49.770
5 Billy McCONNELL Honda 1m49.777
6 Lewis ROLLO Aprilia 1m50.487
7 Simon REID Honda 1m50.557
8 Joe TALBOT Honda 1m50.624
9 Ash BEECH Honda 1m50.828
10 Brent HARRAN Honda 1m51.014
11 Shaun WINFIELD Honda 1m51.055
12 Matt TRUELOVE Honda 1m51.057
13 David ALLINGHAM Honda 1m51.136
14 Luke HEDGER Kawasaki 1m51.173
15 Brayden ELLIOTT Kawasaki 1m51.278
16 Joe FRANCIS Kawasaki 1m51.481
17 Conor CUMMINS Honda 1m52.238 1m51.817
18 James HILLIER Yamaha 1m51.977
19 Sam COX BMW 1m52.433 1m52.679
20 Kieran SMITH Honda 1m53.804 1m52.790
21 Jorel BOERBOOM Kawasaki 1m53.251 1m53.215
22 Joe MOORE Suzuki 1m53.300 1m53.416
23 Max MORGAN Kawasaki 1m53.872 1m53.763
24 Max SYMONDS Yamaha 1m53.826 1m54.156
25 Callum BEY Suzuki 1m53.413 1m55.982
26 Matty WHELAN Suzuki 1m53.670
27 Richard WHITE BMW 1m54.284
28 Rory PARKER Suzuki 1m54.446
29 Connor THOMSON Kawasaki 1m56.089
30 Jake ARCHER Suzuki 1m56.473
31 Jason BURRILL BMW 1m58.181
32 Phil ROOKE Kawasaki 1m58.704
33 Frederico LOPES-REGO Yamaha 1m58.932
34 Ben LUXTON Honda

Supersport / GP2 Sprint Race

Tom Booth-Amos banked maximum points after beating Rhys Irwin to the Sprint race win – as polesitter Luke Stapleford crashed on the penultimate lap.

With a comfortable lead, Stapleford made a tiny mistake on lap nine of 10 to crash out, losing his points lead as Booth-Amos came through and took the win.

Irwin, who had led for the first three laps before being passed by both Stapleford and then Booth-Amos, eventually took second, 2.282secs behind the winner.

Ben Currie was third as Jaimie van Sikkelerus was fourth with Luke Jones fifth.

BSB 2023 – Round Five – Snetterton – Saturday British Supersport Sprint Race
1. Tom Booth-Amos (Gearlink Kawasaki)
2. Rhys Irwin (Astro-JJR Suzuki) +2.282s
3. Ben Currie (Oxford Products Racing Ducati) +4.198s

Tom Toparis and countryman Seth Crump both carded DNF results.

In GP2, it was Joe Collier on the Kramer who took the class win, with Cameron Fraser second and Harvey Claridge third.

Supersport / GP2 Sprint Race Results

Pos Cass Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 SSP Tom BOOTH-AMOS Kawasaki 18m43.210
2 SSP Rhys IRWIN Suzuki +2.282
3 SSP Ben CURRIE Ducati +4.198
4 SSP Jaimie van SIKKELERUS Yamaha +5.696
5 SSP Luke JONES Ducati +8.458
6 SSP Jamie PERRIN Suzuki +9.172
7 SSP Eugene McMANUS Triumph +18.385
8 SSP Eunan McGLINCHEY Yamaha +20.999
9 SSP Ash BARNES Yamaha +21.433
10 GP2 Joe COLLIER Kramer +26.481
11 SSP Sam MUNRO Yamaha +30.074
12 GP2 Cameron FRASER Chassis +32.410
13 SSP James McMANUS Triumph +43.622
14 GP2 Harvey CLARIDGE Chassis +43.980
15 CUP Tom TUNSTALL Ducati +44.350
16 GP2 Harry ROWLINGS Chassis +44.370
17 CUP Jonathan RAILTON Ducati +44.693
18 CUP James BULL Yamaha +45.602
19 GP2 Luke WALLINGTON Triumph +1m03.945
20 CUP Harry LEIGH Kawasaki +1m05.396
21 SSP Dave MACKAY Ducati +1m08.737
22 SSP Charlie WHITE Ducati +1m10.869
23 SSP Freddy BARNES Yamaha +1m14.987
24 GP2 Lucca ALLEN Kalex +1m23.003
25 CUP Matt STEVENS Ducati +1m46.197
26 GP2 Jodie FIELDHOUSE Ariane  +2m01.109
Not Classified
DNF SSP Luke STAPLEFORD Kawasaki 2 Laps
DNF CUP Craig KENNELLY Ducati  4 Laps
DNF CUP Harry COOK MV Agusta 6 Laps
DNF SSP Tom TOPARIS Yamaha 7 Laps
DNF GP2 Jake MARSH Triumph 7 Laps
DNF CUP Ryan GARSIDE Yamaha 7 Laps
DNF CUP Josh WOOD Yamaha 7 Laps
DNF SSP TJ TOMS Yamaha 8 Laps
DNF SSP Seth CRUMP Yamaha /

Supersport Points

Pos Rider Points
1 Ben CURRIE (Ducati) 142
2 Tom BOOTH-AMOS (Kawasaki) 138
3 Luke STAPLEFORD (Kawasaki) 131
4 Rhys IRWIN (Suzuki) 123
5 Jaimie van SIKKELERUS (Yamaha) 115
6 Tom TOPARIS (Yamaha) 109
7 Luke JONES (Ducati) 102
8 Jamie PERRIN (Suzuki) 101
9 Lee JOHNSTON (Yamaha) 64
10 Eugene McMANUS (Triumph) 60
11 Damon REES (Yamaha) 54
12 Zak CORDEROY (Kawasaki) 47
13 TJ TOMS (Yamaha) 47
14 Richard COOPER (Yamaha) 44
15 Eunan McGLINCHEY (Yamaha) 44
16 Seth CRUMP (Yamaha) 31
17 Max WADSWORTH (Yamaha) 19
18 Blaze BAKER (Ducati) 18
19 James McMANUS (Triumph) 17
20 Jack NIXON (Yamaha) 14
21 Ash BARNES (Yamaha) 13
22 Michael DUNLOP (Yamaha) 10
23 Adam McLEAN (Yamaha) 9
24 Adon DAVIE (Ducati) 8
25 Tom TUNSTALL (Ducati) 7
26 Sam MUNRO (Yamaha) 6
27 Phil WAKEFIELD (Yamaha) 6
28 Harry TRUELOVE (Triumph) 5
29 Harry LEIGH (Kawasaki) 4
30 Jonathan RAILTON (Ducati) 3
31 James BULL (Yamaha) 3

GP2 Points

Pos Rider Points
1 Cameron FRASER (Chassis Factory) 202
2 Joe COLLIER (Kramer) 175
3 Harry ROWLINGS (Chassis Factory) 164
4 Lucca ALLEN (Kalex) 88
5 Luke WALLINGTON (Triumph) 52
6 Harvey CLARIDGE (Chassis Factory) 40
7 Jodie FIELDHOUSE (Ariane) 30

Supersport Cup Points

Pos Rider Points
1 Harry LEIGH (Kawasaki) 148
2 Tom TUNSTALL (Ducati) 125
3 Ryan GARSIDE (Yamaha) 120
4 James BULL (Yamaha) 118
5 Adon DAVIE (Ducati) 104
6 Ben TOLLIDAY (Yamaha) 94
7 Jonathan RAILTON (Ducati) 82
8 Craig KENNELLY (Ducati) 62
9 Dave GRACE (Yamaha) 50
10 Harry COOK (MV Agusta) 48
11 Josh WOOD (Yamaha) 40
12 Matt STEVENS (Ducati) 36
13 Ben GRAYSON (Kawasaki) 12
14 Gareth CUNNINGHAM (Yamaha) 12
15 Lee DEVONPORT (Ducati) 10
16 Mark CONLIN (Kawasaki) 0

Junior Superstock Qualifying

Cameron Dawson ended Aaron Silvester’s run at the top as he stole pole by 0.136secs with a hot lap of 1min 54.677secs.

Silvester, who led both sessions on Friday, will start second, with Sam Laffins alongside. Fourth quickest and heading row two is Kam Dixon as Charlie Atkins rounds out the top five.

Junior Superstock Qualifying Results

Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Cameron DAWSON Kawasaki 1m54.677
2 Aaron SILVESTER Yamaha +0.136
3 Sam LAFFINS Yamaha +0.206
4 Kam DIXON Yamaha +0.599
5 Charlie ATKINS Yamaha +0.784
6 Edmund BEST Yamaha +0.805
7 Harrison CROSBY Kawasaki +0.848
8 Jacob HATCH Kawasaki +0.969
9 Mikey HARDIE Kawasaki +0.986
10 Asher DURHAM Kawasaki +1.075
11 Finley ARSCOTT Yamaha +1.139
12 Jamie LYONS Yamahaa +1.198
13 Cameron HALL Kawasaki +1.330
14 Jack ROACH Kawasaki +1.427
15 Joe HOWARD Yamaha +1.501
16 Owen JENNER Yamaha +1.600
17 Adam HARTGROVE Yamaha +1.617
18 Kieran KENT Yamaha  +1.656
19 Owen MELLOR Kawasaki +1.984
20 Lynden LEATHERLAND Yamaha +2.037
21 Osian JONES Kawasaki +2.354
22 Taylor ROSE Yamaha +2.384
23 Declan CONNELL Kawasaki +2.665
24 Jake HOPPER Yamaha +2.737
25 Zak SHELTON Kawasaki +3.299
26 Ross BANHAM Kawasaki +3.477
27 Joe FARRAGHER Kawasaki +3.692
28 Lewis JONES Kawasaki +3.767
29 Max SILVESTER Yamaha +4.605
30 Jake CAMPBELL Kawasaki +4.948
31 Carl HARRIS Kawasaki +5.353
32 Evan PENDRILL Yamaha +5.886
33 Aaron DAYKIN Yamaha +5.940
34 Oliver MORGAN-EDWARDS Kawasaki +6.536



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