Behind the scenes at LEGO Masters Brickminster Dog Show – Dogster

If you watched part 3 of LEGO Master on FOX, you know Canadian siblings and teammates Dave and Emily Guedes share a love of maple syrup, hockey (they always sport red and white hockey-themed shirts), and more clearly – build complex LEGO creations.

LEGO MASTERS: LR: Contestants Dave and Emily in the episode
Siblings, teammates and dog lovers Emily and Dave Guedes work to capture their dog’s tail hair using only LEGO bricks. We can’t wait to see if they win Best in Show for the Brickminster Dog Show tomorrow night on FOX. © FOX

But in this week’s episode, which airs tomorrow, October 26, we learn about another shared passion – love for dogs – as teams are challenged with the first to build a canine. full life size from LEGOS and then led it down the runway on a chain in the first LEGO Masters Brickminster Dog Show.

“It was the best day of my life!” Emily, a self-proclaimed Chihuahua lover, dog mother, foster, and volunteer BC Chihuahua Rescue.