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A4DE Results – Teenager Kyron Bacon wins A4DE on WR250F

A4DE Results

2022 Erica (VIC)

The 2022 edition of the Prestige Truck Centre backed Australian Four Day Enduro came to an exciting conclusion today with a natural terrain motocross style final special test for each individual category and here we bring you the A4DE Results across all categories along with the top 15 outright.

While conditions were incredibly slippery throughout, A4DE stalwarts described it as one of the less technical events in recent memory in regards to the ruggedness of the terrain. The event was staged near the tiny Victorian town of Erica, 135 kilometres east of Melbourne, a located that had previously hosted an A4DE in 1987.

Kyron Bacon

Tasmanian teenager Kyron Bacon impressed throughout the entire competition and lapped the final natural terrain moto three-seconds faster than anyone else in the E1 category to not only clinch the A4DE E1 class win (100cc to 200cc two stroke and 150cc to 250cc four stroke), but also took outright honours for the entire event on the Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing Team WR250F.

A4DE Results 2022 - Kyron Bacon the winner
Kyron Bacon – Image Troy Pears

Bacon’s Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing team-mate Josh Green finished second outright and took the E2 class (201cc to 250cc 2 Stroke and 275cc to 450cc four stroke) victory on a WR450F in what was his 13th A4DE.

A4DE Results 2022 - Josh Green won E2
Josh Green – Image Troy Pears

With that E2 victory 32-year-old Green notched up his third category win at the event and the Yamaha stalwart helped guide his young team-mate through the event in what was 19-year-old Bacon’s first attempt at the A4DE.

Kyron Bacon – Image Troy Pears

Bacon’s A4DE debut had been delayed by the plague years but he obviously used that time well to hone his craft alongside mentor Matt Phillips back home in Wynyard, Tasmania, as the teenager has also been dominant in the opening rounds of the 2022 AORC series.

A4DE Results 2022
The victorious Yamaha crew. Bacon the outright and E1 winner, Green E2 winner and Jessica Gardiner was victorious for the sixth time in the Womens category.

Victorian Andy Wilksch was second quickest across the four days of competition but a three-minute time penalty for a procedural error before racing even got underway on day one put him behind the eight-ball.  Not to be deterred, Wilksch powered on aboard the big-bore Husky FE501 to finish the event only 36-seconds behind Bacon, but with the three-minute penalty added to his time that pushed him down to fifth outright, and demoted him to second place in the E3 category (290cc to 500cc two stroke and 475cc to 650cc four stroke).

A4DE Results 2022 - Andrew Wilksch
Andrew Wilksch – Image Troy Pears

The time penalty for Wilksch also promoted Thomas Mason on to the outright podium and overall E3 category honours on a 300 cc kitted GASGAS MC250 two-stroke. Mason took numerous test wins along the way to third place outright and the E3 victory despite a scare at almost the final hurdle when his kick-starter broke.  After a long time away from the sport it was a brilliant performance from Mason in an event that was otherwise dominated by four-stroke machinery.

A4DE Results 2022 - Tom Mason on the podium and winner of the E3 category
Thomas Mason was on the outright podium and took E3 category honours on a 300 cc kitted GASGAS MC250 two-stroke – Image Troy Pears

Multiple Australian Motocross Championship winner Todd Waters finished fourth outright on an FE450 Husqvarna, and second in the E2 category behind Green. Waters won the Natural Terrain style Final Moto and fourth place overall is a great result for the traditionally motocross specialist.

A4DE Results 2022 - Todd Waters second in E2
Todd Waters – Image Troy Pears

Cooper Sheidow again shone in the slippery conditions and got stronger as the event wore on. The South Australian youngster rode his Kessner Motorcycles backed 250 XC-F to a brilliant sixth outright, second in the E1 category.

Sheidow also has the honour of being the highest finishing KTM ahead of the hugely experienced 500 EXC-F mounted Stefan Granquist who finished seventh outright and third in the E3 category.

A4DE Results 2022 - Stefan Granquist third in the E3 category
Stefan Granquist finished seventh outright and third in the E3 category – Image Troy Pears

Jeremy Carpentier and Blake Hollis finished eighth and ninth outright on WR250F Yamahas and third and fourth respectively in the E1 category.

Jeremy Carpentier finished eighth outright on a WR250F Yamaha and was third in the E1 category.

Fraser Higlett finished tenth outright on a Beta 430 RR Racing which also put him on the E2 podium ahead of Brad Hardaker on a WR450F.

Fraser Higlett finished tenth outright on a Beta 430 RR Racing

Jessica Gardiner was the 41st rider home which was plenty good enough to secure the JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team rider her sixth A4DE class victory.

Jessica Gardiner took home her 6th A4DE Women’s title – Image Troy Pears

A4DE Results 2022

Final Outright Standings

Pos Rider Bike Time
1 Kyron Bacon Yamaha WR250F 2h29m38.401
2 Josh Green Yamaha WR450F 2h31m34.604
3 Thomas Mason GASGAS MC250 2h32m27.991
4 Todd Waters Husqvarna FE450 2h32m36.528
5 Andrew Wilksch Husqvarna FE501 2h33m14.324
6 Cooper Sheidow KTM 250 XC-F 2h34m01.318
7 Stefan Granquist KTM 500 EXC-F  2h34m05.969
8 Jeremy Carpentier Yamaha WR250F 2h34m32.634
9 Blake Hollis Yamaha WR250F 2h34m05.969
10 Fraser Higlett Beta RR 430 Racing  2h35m58.657
11 Brad Hardaker Yamaha WR450F 2h37m29.861
12 Riley McGillivray KTM 500 EXC-F  2h38m06.927
13 Thomas McCormack KTM 500 EXC-F 2h38m52.556
14 William Price Kawasaki KX250F 2h39m39.878
15 Simon Cox / 2h40m25.603
16 William Dennett  Yamaha YZ250 2h41m05.536


Category Championships

A4DE Results 2022
Final E1 Standings

Pos Rider Time
1 Kyron BACON 2h29m38.401
2 Cooper SHEIDOW 2h34m01.318
3 Jeremy CARPENTIER 2h:3h32.634
4 Blake HOLLIS 2h34m42.077
5 William PRICE 2h39m39.878
6 Jacob DEAGAN 2h42m19.770
7 Christopher WYND 2h48m10.052
8 Nathan DALBOSCO 2h49m27.623
9 Sam BARTON 2h50m51.019
10 Bradley HERMANS 2h50m54.198
11 Thomas JENNER 2h51m26.850
12 Jake HOLLAND 2h55m42.514
13 Jack CAUGHEY 2h57m34.331
14 Ethan BONGIORNO 3h02m34.790
15 Kyle LEACH 3h06m08.747
16 Michael CANN 3h29m30.157
17 Korey MCMAHON 6h13m31.393
18 Joel LOMAS 7h26m16.641
19 Brock NICHOLS 8h39m23.811

A4DE Results 2022
Final E2 Standings

Pos Rider Time
1 Joshua GREEN 2h31m34.604
2 Todd WATERS 2h32m36.528
3 Fraser HIGLETT 2h35m58.657
4 Brad HARDAKER 2h37m29.861
5 William DENNETT 2h41m05.536
6 Nicholas GRAHAM 2h41m38.046
7 Kaleb TREASURE 2h42m44.698
8 Craig PROUT 2h44m13.548
9 Chris PERRY 2h44m20.539
10 Luke CHELLAS 2h45m04.803
11 Rhys KRATZAT 2h47m01.408
12 Lachlan HARRISON 2h47m15.457
13 Andrew NELSON 2h51m39.724
14 Samuel PENNELL 2h52m18.515
15 Harrison SAUNDERS 2h52m37.343
16 Steven FORRESTER 2h53m04.439
17 Jarrod DILLON 2h53m31.742
18 Cade VAGG 2h55m03.251
19 Matthew VOGT 2h56m17.268
20 Daniel WELSH 2h56m27.543
21 Lachlan MUIR 2h57m00.454
22 William MARTIN 2h58m23.860
23 Thomas FOSTER 2h59m04.331
24 Thomas LIVESAY 3h00m43.407
25 Marcus DUMMER 3h00m47.331
26 Austin GARDINER 3h01m29.989
27 Gaven FORRESTER 3h02m04.839
28 Rhys PARLEVLIET 3h02m08.017
29 Owen FORRESTER 3h06m05.068
30 Glynn TAYLOR 3h06m42.877
31 Dudley DUFFY 3h07m11.511
32 Dylan FOX 3h11m56.968
33 Brock HEIDEMAN 3h23m08.798
34 Simon HAYDON 3h31m05.377
35 Zach BORGAS 3h47m46.235
36 Daniel RYAN 3h48m31.420
37 Kyle NIELSEN 6h33m24.322
38 Luke GILBERT 6h40m14.104
39 Clinton VISKI 7h05m36.408

A4DE Results 2022
Final E3 Standings

Pos Rider Time
1 Thomas MASON 2h32:27.991
2 Andrew WILKSCH 2h33m14.324
3 Stefan GRANQUIST 2h34m05.969
4 Riley MCGILLIVRAY 2h38m06.927
5 Thomas MCCORMACK 2h38m52.556
6 Simon COX 2h40m25.603
7 Patrick MCGILLIVRAY 2h44m32.352
8 Daniel GRATTAN 2h55m01.893
9 Cayne PARKER 2h56m44.410
10 Matthew JORDAN 3h07m04.817
11 Stephen SMITH 3h08m28.358
12 William EDWARD 3h08m47.708
13 Ben SCOTT 3h10m30.398
14 Nicholas GARDINER 3h11m53.550
15 Chris JOHNSON 3h12m39.524
16 Anthony CARRIERA 3h16m29.498
17 Locklan BULK 3h17m15.673
18 Corey BUXTON 3h18m07.790
19 Damien SCURLOCK 3h24m56.481
20 Jack PEARCE 4h04m44.955
21 Cameron BULLEN 5h58m45.641

Jessica Gardiner took home her 6th A4DE Women’s title – Image Troy Pears

A4DE Results 2022
Final Women Standings

Pos Rider Time
1 Jessica GARDINER 2h52m00.916
2 Emelie KARLSSON 2h57m11.800
3 Ebony NIELSEN 3h09m25.783
4 Julie DENYER 4h32m57.097
5 Monique SIMIONI 4h57m09.975
6 Emily BIELENBERG 5h58m53.287
7 Rachel BLOYE 7h30m33.271
8 Chloe BARTON 7h15m18.815
9 Holly BLAKE 6h35m47.857
10 Angela SCOTT 6h44m49.383
11 Isabelle KEANE 7h13m12.471

A4DE Results 2022
Over 60 Final Standings

Seniors O60
Pos Rider Time
1 Geoffrey BALLARD 3h07m22.240
2 Adrian FITZGERALD 3h13m11.685
3 Michael TODOROVIC 3h17m15.794
4 Brendan WALSH 3h48m39.301
5 Jonathan WOOD 3h55m53.317
6 David ROBERTS 4h40m03.851
7 Phillip GRIGG 5h48m49.608
8 David ROSE 6h13m33.601
9 James NIELSEN 7h38m39.027
10 Craig RALPH 7h12m38.622
11 Geoffrey UDY 7h13m58.222
2022 Veteran Champ Darren Lloyd – Image Troy Pears

A4DE Results 2022
Veteran Final Standings

Pos Rider Time
1 Darren LLOYD 2h48m20.134
2 Richard CHIBNALL 2h48m53.467
3 Steven POWELL 2h50m22.980
4 Jason DWYER 2h51m16.418
5 Christopher THOMAS 2h51m34.791
6 Richard SMITH 2h55m27.916
7 Rowan PUMPA 2h55m34.347
8 Thomas JONES 2h57m47.119
9 Beau UREN 2h58m37.316
10 David ROBBINS 2h58m42.271
11 Luke ABLITT 2h59m21.906
12 Bradley SNELL 3h00m08.950
13 Rohan EVES 3h00m11.258
14 Nathan EVANS 3h01m38.226
15 Christian BARRETT 3h02m00.890
16 Con PRIVITERA 3h02m27.037
17 Raymond BORG 3h05m32.334
18 Michael GODSELL 3h07m19.448
19 Christopher PEPYAT 3h08m12.826
20 Mark PATON 3h09m00.368
21 Michael BARNES 3h10m58.039
22 Jason MCCARTHY 3h13m04.202
23 Brendan SCANLON 3h14m42.268
24 Richard DURYEA 3h14m48.374
25 Luke BARTLETT 3h15m04.156
26 Mark COOK 3h15m21.988
27 Adrian TREGEA 3h15m29.228
28 Malcolm DE WILDT 3h15m56.858
29 Andrew BUZARI 3h15m57.360
30 Peter EVES 3h16m34.133
31 Justin MELLERICK 3h20m10.715
32 Josh MULLEN 3h22m56.196
33 Brenden WHITE 3h26m31.600
34 Aaron MEGAW 3h27m27.715
35 Clint ROBBINS 3h30m11.924
36 Nick MUNRO 3h33m41.269
37 Rodney ALLAWAY 3h50m30.572
38 Daniel GARDINER 3h50m44.518
39 Glen STEPHENSON 5h55m32.466
40 Miller HINDS 6h42m20.331
41 Ben CARDENAS 7h57m31.654
42 Jamie DUROUX 8h21m28.371
43 Adam VAN DORST 7h47m04.920
44 Brent BRADY 7h51m52.031
45 Paul LE PAGE 7h25m33.135
46 Leigh MADEN 8h14m42.673
47 Tristan NARDELLA 7h20m38.368
48 James JOHNSON 5h47m18.142
49 Ben PROELSS 6h39m44.328
50 Thomas GIFFIN 6h31m13.536
51 Ben PARRISH 6h34m09.267
52 Phillip HURLEY 8h28m23.405

Jason Salopayers, 2022 Masters A4DE Champion – Image Troy Pears

A4DE Results 2022
Over 45 Masters Final Standings

Masters – Over 45
Pos Rider Time
1 Jason SALOPAYERS 2h54m57.959
2 Jason HAAS 2h56m26.733
3 Scott SZABO 2h58m34.644
4 Bradley BALKIN 3h03m07.766
5 Michael TURNBULL 3h04m19.284
6 Travis SELWYN 3h04m39.667
7 Darren LESSIO 3h05m51.620
8 Jason PEARCE 3h08m08.817
9 Andrew BESPALOV 3h09m02.062
10 Peter SCHAPER 3h10m21.407
11 Peter BURRELL 3h11m04.604
12 Jason O’BRIEN 3h11m19.528
13 David SALT 3h12m06.917
14 Matthew GARDINER 3h12m13.528
15 Mark BUCHANAN 3h12m13.659
16 Glenn TONER 3h12m31.812
17 Craig TREASURE 3h12m37.246
18 Joe ONDRUS 3h13m27.878
19 Glenn HOLLAND 3h15m07.013
20 Paul CAMPBELL 3h22m16.416
21 Brandon KIENHUIS 3h25m06.482
22 Joel STAFFORD 3h26m26.652
23 Robert DUMMER 3h26m39.222
24 Ashley SPRENGER 3h26m53.721
25 Michael HASAN 3h27m08.721
26 Andrew WHITINGTON 3h28m33.531
27 Glenn BOXHALL 3h41m41.111
28 David DUNCAN 3h42m10.997
29 Max NULLEY 3h46m49.527
30 Daniel BRADBURY 3h47m42.987
31 Paul ISAACS 3h50m39.283
32 Leigh PRICE 3h52m57.813
33 Stephen BOUCHER 3h54m52.866
34 Scott WALKER 3h55m55.449
35 Aaron BARNETT 3h56m32.485
36 Darrin STRAUCH 3h57m13.792
37 Matthew COOK 3h57m50.222
38 Liam MYERS 4h05m38.919
39 Simon BULK 4h16m01.280
40 Christopher LONG 4h19m52.420
41 Casper MURTONEN 5h18m10.950
42 David LOVE 7h24m38.569
43 Glenn MADDISON 9h27m04.915
44 Glenn MACKAY 6h57m19.926
45 Frank CAMBRIA 8h47m59.351
46 Shane COOK 7h51m34.827
47 Robert BARTON 7h56m47.167
48 Nicholas EDWARD 8h02m48.624
49 Ian HILL 8h08m44.784
50 Deeds RAYMOND 8h13m18.376
51 Jonathan TAYLOR 8h40m15.595
52 Gordon YARNOLD 8h43m30.991
53 Darren GRATTAN 7h11m03.443
54 Peter GOLDING 7h16m30.854
55 Glenn LOMAS 7h22m59.093
56 Raymond SCOTT 7h23m27.279
57 John TALBOT 7h23m37.023
58 Damon RICHARDSON 6h46m10.856
59 Marc HOFSTEE 6h32m41.680
60 Simon JAMISON 6h42m57.314
61 Garry CRANE 6h44m05.574
62 Alister BLUNT 6h47m01.041
63 Mark PAUL 6h52m14.052
64 Daniel SYMONS 8h17m19.651
65 Craig CURTIS 8h18m45.805

A4DE Results 2022
C150 Two-Stroke Final Standings

C150 – two stroke
Pos Rider Time
1 Adam GILES 2h46m51.642
2 Peter BOYLE 2h47m19.781
3 Timothy COLEMAN 2h48m52.523
4 Scott NOBLE 2h50m02.776
5 Jack DAY 2h56m53.597
6 Dru BERRYMAN 2h58m25.453
7 Benjamin ROBBINS 3h01m57.041
8 Anthony WAKEHAM 3h51m04.972
9 Andrew HANK 7h54m27.322

A4DE Results 2022
C Open Final Standings

Prestige Trucks Australian Four Day Endu
C Open
Pos Name Total
1 Joel PAY 2h54m34.568
2 Tom PAY 2h57m54.562
3 William PAY 3h08m35.580


Teams Competition

Senior Trophy Team

Queensland (QLD) have taken home the 2022 Challenge Trophy, after clocking in a total time of 40:13.456. The combined efforts of William Dennett, Higlett, Thomas McCormack, Kaleb Treasure, Waters and Blake Hollis, enabled the QLD team to clinch the win overall and on all four days!

Victoria (VIC) conceded for second place overall, thanks to the high-speeds and strong focus from Chibnall, Simon Cox, Jacob Deagan, Mason, Monique Simioni and Wilksch. After four days, the VIC team finished with a time of 2:32:17.999.

The podium was rounded out by New South Wales (NSW), with a total time of 6:24:10.366, by Carpentier, Granquist, Brad Hardaker, Brock Nichols, Bacon and Green.

2022 A4DE Senior Trophy Team
Overall Provisional Results


Pos Senior Trophy Total
1 QLD 40m13.456
2 VIC 2h32m17.999
3 NSW 6h2m10.366

Junior Trophy Team

VIC came out victorious though in the 2022 Junior Trophy, taking home the gold with a total time of 40:42.106.

The VIC Junior Trophy team was made up by Nicholas Graham, Riley McGillivray, Patrick McGillivray and William Price.

NSW filled out second place, with a total time of 4:29:56.559, with the help of Luke Chellas, Thomas Foster, Korey McMahon and Sheidow.

2022 A4DE Junior Trophy Team
Overall Provisional Results

Pos Junior Trophy Total
1 VIC 40m42.106
2 NSW 4h29m56.559
Riley McGillivray, member of VIC Junior Trophy Team – Image Troy Pears

Women’s Trophy Team

NSW may not have won the Senior or Junior Trophy but they came away victorious for the 2022 Women’s Trophy! With the help of Julie Denyer, Gardiner and Karlsson, the NSW team won with an overall time of 05:10.884.

QLD took out second place, with a total time of 3:24.17.238, with team members Emily Bielenberg and Ebony Nielsen.

VIC filled out the final podium spot with a time of 7:34:04.351, through members Holly Blake, Rachel Boyle and Angela Scott.

2022 A4DE Women’s Trophy Team
Overall Provisional Results

Pos Women’s Trophy Total
1 NSW 05m10.884
2 QLD 3h4m7.238
3 VIC 7h4m4.351
Emelie Karlsson, member of NSW Women’s Trophy Team – Image Troy Pears

A4DE Class Guide

  • Enduro 1 – 100cc to 200cc two stroke and 150cc to 250cc four stroke
  • Enduro 2 – 201cc to 250cc 2 Stroke and 275cc to 450cc four stroke
  • Enduro 3 – 290cc to 500cc two stroke and 475cc to 650cc four stroke
  • Veteran All Powers – Rider must have turned 35 years on or before 1/1/2022
  • Masters All Powers – Rider must have turned 45 years on or before 1/1/2022
  • Women All Powers
  • C150 – Up to 150cc two stroke
  • Seniors O60 All Powers – Rider must have turned 60 years on or before 1/1/2022

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