The world is running out of fuel. We’ll all have to pay – Rise with that?

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If you’re comfortable with everything that’s going on in the world today, you’re a complete freak or perhaps more optimistic having mastered the not-so-crazy goal of isolating yourself from all media. Communication is not a comedy. It’s hard to isolate – there’s no respite in the movie; they penetrate your brain like wigs that carry political messages that are both subtle and nonsensical. Sports have been similarly attacked, whether in the professional arena, where you have to love or hate someone for catching or failing a knee, or in the amateur arena, where you’re supposed to sublimate or aflame with rage when some momentary individual cleans up the women’s swimming competition because, well, you can finish that sentence in your head, I’m at a loss (and if I do, talent my bank account will be frozen). You can’t find respite in ‘comedy’ shows because they are also involved in politics. A comedy industry shunned by Dave Chappelle is of no value to anyone.

While I would love to turn this site into a site of pure humour, and I can, and some may argue that it is, I would argue that there is one thing worth remembering, a things are even more important than Russia/Ukraine, more important than truck drivers, more important than beer. What you should pay attention to is:

We’re running out of fuel.

Throughout history, those have been slanders, and they are happening. I’m not kidding and I’m not a sensationalist either. Do some homework if you are unsure. Stories that are not mainstream; the media is obsessed with the donation lists of truckers and/or people who use them, or whether the windmill is running too fast or too slow, or whether someone is crying over a coffee with hurt feelings. But stories can be found.

This is not the depletion of oil, natural gas, or coal as resources. They’re there to get, underground. The problem is, very few people are doing it. Hydrocarbon producers are being hunted to switch from hydrocarbons, pour their cash flows into emissions-reduction infrastructure, or send it to investors’ pockets. The national oil companies, who actually control most of the world’s hydrocarbon resources, are pretty much over-exploited, according to both OPEC production statistics and/or the lack of production growth. volume at 90 USD/barrel.

No, this is about a fuel shortage, due to the tightening and overuse of our existing hydrocarbon system. Here are some of the consequences of the global war on hydrocarbons that seem like a great idea in sociology departments and political science research bodies. Let’s see how it plays out in the real world.

Europe this winter has been so hungry for natural gas that LNG prices have been bid over the roof to ship cargo from Asia. But that wasn’t enough, both coal and fuel oil were burned in large quantities to get through the winter. Endure what? described as “Low cost”, Euro governments show no sign of irony in rolling out fossil fuel subsidies as quickly as possible to protect consumers from skyrocketing utility bills, like many developing countries do with the price of gasoline and heating fuel. That’s called a ‘fossil fuel subsidy’ when other countries do it; When rich western countries do it, it’s called ‘Hey, look over there! Is that an eagle? ‘

That fight for LNG has had some huge consequences that we don’t easily hear because we’re conceited, fat, and rich in general. In Pakistan, in one province alone, three hundred CNG (compressed natural gas) fueling stations have been closed since December because of the lack of fuel availability. In that province, 2.7 million trailers, taxis and flight trainers (of any kind) were parked due to lack of CNG. Passengers and students are paying the price, in a population that doesn’t have much. And it got worse. “The condition of low pressure is that our children are forced to go to school every day without breakfast. Housewives are facing serious difficulties in everything from providing milk for babies to preparing food in the kitchen,” posts mentioned.

In Africa, Nigeria is experiencing gasoline shortages as external gasoline suppliers have stopped supplying the country (although Nigeria is a major producer, it is significantly dependent on imported fuel) in light of recent developments. which one government official called “completely inevitable” and which they did not see. are coming. A taxi driver in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, tell about slept 14 hours in line for gas so I could work and my daily income dropped from $17 per day to $5, if gas was available. Correspondingly, fares have more than doubled, which is a significant inconvenience for a country where life is slightly different from NYC residents.

Those are just a few examples; others are out there if one is interested in real global issues.

What are the elites doing, what are the Western powers doing? They’re putting brave faces in front of the camera, and behind closed doors are producers on the hunt to produce more, or perhaps lying on the floor crying or panting. Well, that might be an exaggeration, because they’re probably smart enough to line up the scapegoat. They listened to the likes of the International Energy Agency, who said late last year that the world must not develop any more fossil fuels, to meet its net emissions target by 2050. The same IEA over the past few days has spurred OPEC to produce more oil as global inventories fall like rock and global consumption is hitting new record highs.

OPEC itself has long asserted that it has tons of spare capacity and pledged to bring in additional volumes at a rate of 400,000 barrels per day per month, starting last September. They have yet to hit that goal, and the most recent month they made less than half of that.

Biden has also scoured the world for natural gas supplies to Europe in the case of Russia’s Russia, to no avail – even Qatar (one of the world’s top exporters) says no , the pantry was also empty. Biden also mobilized OPEC to produce more oil, and they shrugged and moved on. (Biden is rushing to seal a nuclear deal with Iran to get its barrels back on the market, but it is doubtful that Iran has sold a lot on the black market and that a new nuclear pact will not. makes a lot of difference (except leaving Iran free to do whatever it wants, but that’s another day’s matter. Beggars can’t be choosers.).) We heard about efforts force, because they are the necessary subject matter to keep the people of the West from revolting. We don’t stop hearing about Europe’s woes, because like most Western institutions, this is so important.

So we are acutely aware of the emotions of the 700-odd million in the West; When was the last time you read about fuel shortages in Pakistan, Africa, or India, or anywhere else that’s not on the global elite travel route? They’re happening, and are happening right now, but seriously, who cares about those people when we’re dealing with a host of current Western crises, such as the lorry drivers to prison and death matches in terms of gender?

In a turning point due to global congestion, our North American fatheads are blessed with natural gas prices at a fraction of global prices. Few people notice or care, because no one understands the role natural gas plays in the world. If we don’t have the ability to export LNG more massively, we’re still lucky to have that.

But North America is not immune to any fuel that can be easily transported intercontinental. Again, that’s the fuel we’re talking about. Even the United States is suffering from dwindling diesel stocks.”extremely low“. Alternatively, consumers may be comforted by no obvious fuel shortages, but we will see the consequences of global shortages vicariously. Fertilizer factories are shutting down due to a lack of natural gas, which will drive up food prices and possibly lead to food shortages, which will even affect their sacred supermarkets. ta. The global metal producers are cutting production, which will indirectly make us grieve not being able to buy whatever we want whenever we want. This is starting to happen already. That’s what happens when we manufacture overseas of pretty much anything.

Capital was kicked out of the hydrocarbon sector by the ‘fossil fuel divestment’ movement, and a lot of spineless money managers have gone that route. The oil and gas industry is not immune to judgment either; Poor returns have eliminated investor enthusiasm for the growth story. Both routes reduced supply in the market, while U.S. and global demand hit new records for oil and natural gas.

All the nonsense in the news is relatively irrelevant. The world is running out of fuel. We will pay.

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