The Eager, Dynamic Wire Fox Terrier – Dogster

A sturdy, medium-sized breed, the Wire Fox Terrier rarely refuses a chase, a hunt, or an invitation to play. Tenacious yet lovable, determined yet dedicated, this Terrier is on tiptoe to expectations, always ready for the adventures of a lifetime.

History and Genealogy of the Wire Fox Terrier

Developed in the British Isles in the 19th century, the alert and active Wire Fox Terrier has been bred to hunt, as well as find and kill vermin on the farm. Its ancestry may have been the tan and black shaggy terriers native to Wales and northern England.

The Wire Fox Terrier’s history is closely linked to British Fox hunting. The Hound will chase the fox until it hits the ground, when it will need the Hound to poke the fox out of hiding. The Wire Fox Terrier, a combination of speed, endurance and tenacity, can run close to hounds and horses while hunting with the energy left to follow a fox into a burrow. Some hunters carried the original Terriers in their saddlebags, releasing them to chase away foxes when needed.