Review: Faint RWBY Arrowfell

Since Trailer “Red” that Rooster Teeth released about a decade ago, RWBY captivate audiences with impressive action sequences and captivating characters. With a backdrop rife for writers to engage, adapting a video game seems like a straightforward process. However, even though it’s a collaboration between major studios The way forward and Active arc system, RWBY: Arrowfell ultimately a lackluster experience for both fans and newcomers to the series.

All Pomps and No Circumstances

As a warning, the game takes place in Episode 7 of RWBY, so there are some spoilers. However, it does a pretty good job of explaining who the main characters are, and so even if you only have a glimpse of the story it should be fine to take a look at. I stopped watching in Episode 3 and had a little trouble keeping up with the story.

RWBY: Arrowfell Follow the story of Team RWBY – Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang – after they become full-fledged Hunters. When they find a mysterious orb during one of their quests, they notice an increase in Grimm – destructive creatures attracted to negative emotions – operating around Mantle. They investigate the circumstances, while also facing off against Team BRIR, a group of original characters from the game. It’s a fairly simple story that the game divides into chapters.

You defeat a boss at the end of each chapter to continue the story. Before that, however, you spend most of the game completing one fetch task after another. Most of these quests have very little to do with the plot. One is asking you for a pickaxe, and another is asking for you grape soda. Because one fetch quest unlocks something needed for the next, the game feels very linear, which is okay. That means you’ll often have to return to the same map as you can access different areas that you couldn’t access before.

Reviewing the maps can be quite difficult as they are all vaguely similar. They’re not complicated, but it’s easy for me to forget which way to go because each turn takes me to the same screen. The map has a large number ambush At the same time, the game pushes them at you over and over until near the end. During ambushes, you have to destroy multiple waves of enemies. But once you hit the winning combination of tactics that work for you, they won’t be that difficult anymore.

Less is not always more

Minimalism is a constant attack against RWBY: Arrowfell in all aspects of the game. It’s like a flash game you play on the old Cartoon Network site. This genre is a 2D side-scroller like Metroidvania. Each character can only do two things: attack twice and fire a bullet. Are from RWBYThe appeal of ‘s has always been about flashy action sequences like cartoons, the lack of variations and simple animations immediately caught my eye. It is a side scroll bar that can make it difficult to perform more complex attacks. But it creates a rather dull visual experience, which tedious maps don’t help with.

Also no instructions. The first level gives a quick explanation of how each girl’s Semblance (special powers) can help them discover. For example, Yang’s Burn can destroy rocks in your path, while you can use Blake’s Shadow to crush platforms. Only when reading Ruby’s description and seeing how the game specifically refers to her rifle did I realize that they did the ranged attacks in the game and figured it out from there.

There’s not much you can do in RWBY: Arrowfell. So it’s serious that the game doesn’t even bother to explain them. It also feels beginner-friendly with a level of simplicity but also difficulty if you’ve never experienced Metroidvania before. The game puts you into the action right away. It took me too long to defeat the first ambush.

rwby arrowfell ruby

An eerie experience throughout

There are also a lot of weird decisions in the gameplay that are detrimental to overall enjoyment. For one thing, the energy bar that is your HP is the same energy bar for ranged weapons. When you lose a heart, your HP will not be full. Instead, you can still escape death unless you have enough distance to recharge your mana (and it never gets that full until you upgrade your character). This means you have the potential to end the game very quickly, even if you still have a lot of hearts left. It feels like they want the best of both worlds (HP bar and stock system) without tweaking it to work.

Another downside to the game is that you only really need to use one character. While I switched between all four girls to solve puzzles, Ruby was constantly the only character fighting. This is because her Petal Burst has a couple of i-frames that you can use to get around enemy attacks, making her the most useful character. More variations in playstyle or niches may force players to switch between RWBY in combat.

As mentioned earlier, the menu is really minimalistic and much of the game is just fetch quests. However, because there are so many concurrent quests, it can be easy to forget why you’re in an area. I usually just go somewhere because there’s an exclamation mark on the area and I figure out what I need based on the story or the ability I’ve unlocked. It makes the experience feel unfocused and empty, which adds to the overall sense of blurriness.

rwby arrowfell boss

It can’t be compared with the show

RWBY: Arrowfell is a game with weird mechanics and weird decisions. It also can’t seem to decide if it wants to be for core fans or for newcomers. The story is easy to follow and generic enough that anyone can join in, but it’s also unfortunately unfriendly for those unfamiliar with the source material or the genre. There are some interesting cutscenes that look like they were taken directly from the show, as well as occasional fun jokes between the girls. However, the overall experience feels devoid of charm. This is a game that will appeal only to the most demanding people RWBY fan. Those who have never experienced RWBY before might want to see alternative programming. You can check out RT website.

RWBY: Arrowfell available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.


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