India-W vs Sri Lanka-W 3rd ODI: India get their first wicket as Sri Lanka chases 256

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the third ODI between India and Sri Lanka in Pallekele.

56/1 at the end of the 10th over as Smriti Mandhana prevents another four in the deep at the end of the 10th over. Captain Harmanpreet Kaur takes charge on the bowling for the 11th.

53/1: FOUR! the Sri Lankan captain hits another four down the ground on Gayakwad’s first ball

48/1: FOUR! Chamari finds the gap for the third time this over as 13 runs come off the 8th over . Rajeshwari Gayakwad comes into the attack.

43/1: FOUR! Two fours off Deepti Sharma’s bowling coming from Chamari’s bat

35/1: Good over by Meghana Singh as she tries to stop the Sri Lankan attack from getting too settled. Deepti Sharma comes to bowl her first over at the end of 7.

34/1: A loud call from behind the stumps for LBW but once again it misses the wickets.

34/1: FOUR! After a tidy over Renuka Singh shows up  with a lose delivery and Perera hits it for four over mid off.

27/1: FOUR!  Chamari hits a one bounce four off Meghana Singh’s last ball.

22/1: FOUR! Perera hits Meghana Singh for four with a classy cover drive

18/1 after five overs as Sri Lanka try to get going. Renuka Singh creates a threat but dosent convert her chances.

16/1: FOUR! Chamari strikes again as she hits a four above the fielder to cross the rope after one bounce.

11/1: FOUR! Butter fingers in the deep as Chamari strikes a four at the end of the over.

7/1: Vishmi gets caught out after Meghana Singh bowls a stunner to finish the second over.

7/0: Just two runs off the third over as India reaps the benefits of an attacking field and Harleen Deol plays her part well at cover point.

5/0: Vishmi tries to hit a lofty cover drive but it dosent have enough to carry through and lands in no mans land. There are two slips in place as India tries to get the pressure going.

2/0 in the first over from Renuka Singh she keeps it quiet at the start. Meghana Singh gets the ball next.

1/0: Renuka Singh starts the proceedings for India with an attacking field for striker and captain Chamari. But she gets off the mark with a single on the first ball.  Vishmi Gunaratne is at the other end.

255/9 at the end of the innings for India.  The women in blue looked like a mirror image of their Sri Lankan counterparts from the previous matches, relying heavily on their top order. Shefali Verma, Yatika Bhatia, Harmanpreet Kaur and Pooja Vastrakar were responsible for helping their team get to the end of the innings when their chances seemed bleak.

On the other hand, the Sri Lankan bowling attack looked invincible striking at regular intervals and making sure that at no point does the Indian team get back into the game. The entire Sri Lankan bowling attack picked up wickets in convincing fashion making short work of the seemingly threatening Indian side.

The wicket at Pallekele has been a good one to bowl on today, as the batting side was seen struggling. It remains to be seen if the problem lies with the Indian batting or will their bowlers be able to capitalise on the slow conditions.

251/9: WICKET! New batter in Renuka Singh gets bowled out trying to scoop the ball as Ama Kanchana gets another scalp.

249/8: FOUR! Pooja brings up her fifty in style as she strikes the ball for four. It took a few play backs for the third umpire to grant the four runs but it seems like Pooja cleared the ropes.

242/8: WICKET! Kanchana redeems herself as she bowls out Meghana Singh who was just starting to look threatning.

241/7: SIX! Pooja hits the maximum this time  as she inches closer to her half century.

235/7: FOUR! Meghana Singh hits Kanchana for four as India look to score some big runs after a lul the past few overs.

228/7 at the end of 46 overs and it has started to rain at Pallekale but it dosent look like its going to stop play. Ama Kanchana comes to bowl.

221/7: WICKET!! Sri Lankan captain bowls a good length as Harmanpreet Kaur departs after trying to hit a cover drive.  Amr Kanchana comes in to bowl as Meghana Singh comes to  bat for India.

214/6: 90 run partnership between the two Indian batters now  as Inoka completes a brilliant over. 70 comes up for Harmanpreet

211/6:  Pooja and Harman look to rotate the strike as the 43rd over comes up.

208/6: Sri Lanka is starting to limit the runs

206/6 at the end of the 40th over as the Sri Lankan captain keeps it tidy. Ama Kanchana comes back into the attack.

202/6: FOUR! 200 comes up for India as the captain hits two majestic fours back to back. Chamari comes back into the attack for Sri Lanka.

196/6: FOUR! Harmanpreet sweeps the ball for four

188/6: There was a loud call for an LBW at the end of the 38th over however, the Indian’s survived the scare as the ball missed the wickets.

186/6 to finish the over. Harman looks like a threat at 53 while Pooja bats at 25. The Sri Lankan captains comes up again to steer the ship.

182/6: At the end of 37 overs India is clawing their way back into the game as both batters are now going for the big ones. Oshadi comes back to bowl and will be hoping to shake things up again to put the pressure back on.

181/6: FOUR! Harmanpreet hits a four that races past the fielder towards the ropes.

172/ 6 after 36 overs. Inoka delivers well for her side doing exactly what she needed to do after an expensive over by Rashmi De Silva. Interestingly, Rashmi is handed the ball once again. India will look to capitalise on any lose balls going forward.

169/6 after 35 overs. Sri Lanka try to contain the runs as they bring back Inoka Ranaweera who’s done well to reduce the run rate. But there’s a good partnership between Pooja and Harman out in the middle right now, the momentum might be moving slightly towards India now.

168/6: FOUR! It is Pooja Vastrakar this time around hitting as she steps up from playing second fiddle to Harmanpreet Kaur.

161/6: Rashmi De Silva comes back to bowl. she will look to be more economical this over after being hit for consecutive fours  the last time.

157/6 at the end of 32 overs. Harmanpreet looks good batting at 42(54) Pooja Vastrakar on the other hand needs to get going soon  to help the captain till the end . Kaveesha Dilhari has had another good over leaking very few runs.


149/6: The Indian batters are struggling to find their timing, coupled with the fact that the ball is not coming on to the bat very well. However, Kaveesha Dilhari has backed herself well once again bowling another economical over. India will have to dig deep to stay put at the crease. Chamari Athapaththu stays in the attack.

146/6 after 31 overs. Kaveesha Dilhari to bowl the next over. Harmanpreet Kaur is batting at 35(41)

143/6: Eventful over with a dropped catch backed by a good shot by Pooja Vastrakar that dint carry through to the ropes. Sri Lanka’s captain comes out to bowl.

139/6: FOURRR! Rashmi De Silva’s magic is not working on the captain as she bats with class.

137/6: FOUR! Harman hits Rashmi for a four again as India claw their way back.

133/6: FOUR! We waited a long time for that one. It comes off the captains bat as Harmanpreet does her best to put pressure.

128/6 after 28 overs as the Sri Lanka keeps the pressure on. Potent wicket taker Rashmi de Silva comes to bowl next.

125/6 at the end of 27 overs as India try to hang on to what’s left of their batting order. Harmanpreet Kaur looks a little settled out there as she comes close to 20. Kaveesha Dilhari comes back with the ball after a while.

124/6: WICKET! Richa Ghosh gets caught out by Sri Lanka captain Athapaththu as Oshadi Ranasinghe picks up another wicket.

124/5 at the end of 26 overs. “Hope to reach a good total today like the previous matches” says Smriti Mandhana, speaking on the sidelines .

121/5: Inoka bowls a tight over as new batter Richa Ghosh gets off the mark at the end of 25 overs.

118/5: WICKET! Deepti Sharma gets caught behind the wickets as India loses it’s fifth wicket. This Sri Lankan bowling attack is choking the Indian batting order building pressure with each ball. 

116/4: FOUR! Harmanpreet Kaur builds pressure on the Sri Lankan side as she whacks a four finding the gap between the two fielders in the deep.

110/4: That was a quiet over with just the tree runs coming off it. Rashmi de Silva is in next with the ball.

107/4 at the end of 20 overs. Inoka comes back up

105/4 : SIX! Harman hits Rashmi De Silva for a maximum

98/4: Harmanpreet and Deepti are taking it slow in the middle, vital if India wants to carry through till the end of the innings. Rashmi De Silva is back!

97/4 at the end of 18 overs. Inoka comes back for Sri Lanka.

93/4: WICKET! It’s like a domino effect as Harleen Deol gets out with just a single run. Harmanpreet Kaur comes to help her team hang in there at number six.

92/3: WICKET! Set batter Shefali Verma gets out on the brink of her half century as Rashmi De Silva gets her first wicket. Deepti Sharma comes in to bat for India.

90/2 after 18 overs. Rashmi De Silva bowls her first over.

89/2 : WICKET! Yatika Bhatia returns to the pavilion after scoring 30 runs . She gets caught at mid on trying to hit the big one as Inoka takes her first scalp. It was vital  second wicket 60 run partnership between her and Shefali Verma.  Harleen Deol comes in at number four.

89/1: Another expensive over by Ama Kanchana

85/1 FOUR! It’s Bhatia again

81/1: FOUR! Yastika Bhatia hits it down the ground

76/1 at the end of 16 overs and it’s time for a drinks break

73/1: Ama Kanchana has been expensive this over leaking runs and bowling two wides. Inoka is handed the ball next.

69/1: FOUR! Yastika Bhatia goes over the fielder to hit a magnificent four

63/1: Inoka Ranaweera keeps it neat  and Ama Kanchana is back with the ball at the start of the 14th over

60/1: FOUR! Yastika Bhatia hits a flighted four that missed the fielder in the deep and clears the ropes with a single bounce. Inoka is the next bowler in

55/1 at the end of the 12th over. Kaveesha Dilhari comes back up

53/1: While the wicket looks a tad bit slow, the Indian batters look at ease in the middle rotating strike and going for the big hits when they get the chance.  Inoka comes in to bowl for the first time this morning

50/1: Kaveesh Dilhari comes back and there’s an appeal from behind the wicket but striker Yastika Bhatia is safe.

50/1: India reach 50 at the loss of one wicket. The current run-rate stands at 5.00

44/1: Some sloppy fielding from Sri Lanka but Kaveesha Dilhari keeps it tight, India is going at almost five an over now, rotating strike easily. Oshadi comes back.

39/1: FOUR! Yastika Bhatia hits a full toss to the boundary to end the  seventh over. Kaveesh Dilhari comes to bowl the eighth over

32/1: Just the two runs at the end of the sixth over as Yastika Bhatia gets off the mark, Oshadi comes back into the attack

30/1: Yastika Bhatia comes in at number three for India

30/1 : WICKET! Big wicket for Kaveesha Dilhari as she gets Deputy Captain Smriti Mandhana’s wicket and she goes for just six runs.

29/0: At the end of six overs, Smriti can be seen taking her time as she rotates strike while Shefali hammers the big one’s as Dilhari comes into the attack for the first time for Sri Lanka

26/0: FOUR! Another four coming from Shefali Verma’s bat as she hits a one bounce four and clears the boundary with ease

20/0 : Oshadi finishes an economical over with just the two runs coming off it

18/0 : It’s raining fours for Shefali, she’s survived a scare there as the ball missed edging her bat at the end of the third over carrying over to the wicketkeeper, Oshadi Ranasinghe comes back into the attack and Smriti Mandhana is on strike

14/0: FOUR! It’s another four by Shefali Verma

9/0: Ama Kanchana is back in the attack

8/0: Oshadi Ranasinghe bowls a tidy over with just the two runs coming off it as Smriti Mandhana opened her account

6/0: FOUR! Shefali Verma hits a four into the gap missing the fielder in the deep and Oshadi Ranasinghe comes into the attack for Sri Lanka

0/0 : Ama Kanchana opens the bowling for Sri Lanka

TOSS: Sri Lanka has won the toss and put India in to bat. Smriti Mandhana and Shafali Verma will begin proceedings for India.

Shafali had scored a run-a-ball 71 not out, her career-best score in ODIs, in an unbroken 174-run partnership with Smriti Mandhana as India defeated Sri Lanka by 10 wickets in the second ODI on Monday. Here’s what she said about her performances and India’s strategies during this tour of Sri Lanka:

SL-W vs IND-W: Have made a conscious effort to improve strike rotation, says Shafali Verma


Going into this 3rd ODI the Indian team will be riding on a high having clinched the series 2-0 in the last match.

The women in blue dominated from the start with both bat and ball, beating the hosts by 10 wickets.

Captain Harmanpreet Kaur and deputy Smriti Mandhana leading from the front have registered stellar performances in the last match, while Shefali Verma and Renuka Singh proved to be vital cogs in the wheel.

On the other hand, the hosts have struggled to create any momentum and much like the T20 series have relied heavily on captain Chamari Athapaththu to carry the team forward almost every time.

Will the hosts prevent a clean sweep for the Indians this match , or will the women in blue lift the trophy with a 3-0 victory? Follow for all the live updates.


India: Harmanpreet Kaur (C), Smriti Mandhana (VC), Shafali Verma, Yastika Bhatia (wk), S Meghana, Deepti Sharma, Poonam Yadav, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Simran Bahadur, Richa Ghosh (wk), Pooja Vastrakar, Meghna Singh, Renuka Singh, Taniya Bhatia (wk), Harleen Deol.

Sri Lanka: Chamari Athapaththu (c), Nilakshi de Silva, Kavisha Dilhari, Vishmi Gunaratne, Ama Kanchana, Hansima Karunaratne, Achini Kulasuriya, Sugandika Kumari, Harshitha Samarawickrama, Hasini Perera, Udeshika Prabodhani, Oshadi Ranasinghe Inoka Ranaweera, Sathya Sandeepani, Anushka Sanjeewani, Malsha Shehani,Tharika Sewwandi.


India Women’s Tour of Sri Lanka 2022

Broadcasting Platforms

Sri Lanka
– Dialog TV Channel 1
– Sri Lanka Cricket YouTube Channel

Overseas – streaming

India: Fancode (Available for free), DD Sports


Middle East: Cineblitz: CricLife

OTT: Starz Play-Zain; STC; Ooredo


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