Here’s what the media won’t say about the convoy – Frustrated with that?

Terry Etam

Today, at the end of January, when I Googled “only the elite should vote,” I got 106 million results. When I search on Google “should only vote elite” (ignore the question marks because I’m trying to fit in with the younger generation), I get 154 million results.

The elite have time to google (many of us are in that camp, from a global perspective – have college degrees, own a house, two cars in the garage and maybe is a Tesla thrown in so we can hold our heads high) obviously; the blue collar is not. It’s one reason why we’re seeing tens of thousands of trucks slamming onto highways from across North America, heading for government hubs under the guise of a vaccine mandate, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. sinking ice.

The New York Times weighed in on this in 2016 in an article called Everyone should vote? The article speculated that having a more focused and informed group (ominous music in the background) would do a better job of running the country: “We could see this approach as a problem of form for our voting on the jury system. We will never accept that important court decisions are made public through a vote of the public… We may have an informal jury – chosen by a Major university consortiums or television news divisions – will meet, discuss in depth and vote a few weeks before the actual election. ”

Bringing blue-collar issues and elites back to Canada, in 2018 we had our extremely elite Prime Minister say this at a G20 Conference: “You know, there are gender effects when you put construction workers in a rural area. There are social impacts as they are mainly male construction workers. How are you adjusting and adapting to those? ”

In recognition of the guy’s merit, given the context, he might, in a way, be right, if a small town was overrun by thousands of workers in a very short time. But it can happen in any industry, and when you have a child of the Ottawa-led, United Nations-led, Ottawa-centric trust fund (occasionally to Tofino for the holidays on key days of the year). First country, but I digress), let’s rule out the negative impact caused by construction workers. community, what do you get?

Here is what you get. Left-wing media, the National Observer published a story in 2019 called Green New Deal Tour Finding Hope and Reconciliation in Canada. How did they detail the mediation? Story quote: “(Pipeline and resource development) involves large numbers of men’s camps, and wherever there are men’s camps or any other form of natural resource development, the rate Indigenous women and girls missing and murdered, human trafficking, high rates of child pornography rings – both in Canada and in the US”. The accompanying photo shows David Suzuki and Naomi Klein beaming with evil grins/smirks that clearly show the hatred and disgust of the entire movement.

Although admittedly a fringe view, or one might hope that it is accepted as a fringe view, those attitudes have permeated generally accepted conversations in the media. our nation (we all know who I’m talking about) and thus being part of a “smart discourse” that the NYT considers may be the best precondition for allowing people to quit. promissory note.

And that’s why we’re seeing this huge wave of trucks sweeping not only Canada but the US as well. The frontier vaccine mission is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The convoys are the result of years of frustration. Not only frustrated with this overarching elitist political framework, but the likes of the inimitable Gerald Butts, who took to Twitter after Canada’s most recent election to sputter about the great work that the Party had done. Freedom did to hold power – he called it effective elections; The Liberals won by focusing all of their efforts on the key milestones and won with the absolute minimum of national support. Is that our quintessence? The kind of citizen-minded person who sees that as a good thing? What kind of person sees that as a good thing?

And those are just a few more tips of the iceberg. The truckers are the ultimate representative of the blue-collar voices that Ottawa has shunned like the plague. They would stand taking pictures all day with Greta, but would never set foot in a taxi to see what the world looked like to people whose lives required them to do things other than work.

I don’t know if it ends well; Knives are reserved for truckers, and the media is taking the odd step of reporting every single complaint against the convoy but not focusing on the convoy itself. Top media heads like the CTV News staff took to Twitter to mock the whole thing, ensuring that there would be more fireworks.

Maybe if that’s the consistent job and role of the media, the unwashed masses can live with it. But it’s not. A few years ago, Extinction Rebellion took to the streets to blockade various streets across the country. The media has gone to full force; Ten protesters at a bridge in Edmonton attracted more than ten thousand trucks of media attention.

No one in the media wondered if emergency vehicles would make it through, as they did the truckers, and that was possibly the most rebellious aspect of the entire media explosion. This message – Extinction Rebellion doesn’t care at all if no one gets through. Unbelievably, the police protected the protesters from angry citizens. Now, the convoy is trying very hard to keep the ambulance channels open – and the media reports that it may not work.

Interestingly, the more the media and cultural elites try to disparage the convoy on whatever flimsy basis they find, the stronger the support. Support comes from the US, Quebec, BC and around the world. As laptop class took to the media to stir up heart-wrenching stories about how GoFundMe donations “could be a form of terrorist financing” if any violence were to occur. or any property damage (I don’t think so), the donation rate will increase.

This has gone far beyond the issue of vaccine authorization. It could be Canada’s golden vest time. It will be an interesting weekend.

How did we get into such an energy quagmire? Find out how and how to get out – watch “The Ultimate Fossil Fuel Insanity” at, Indigo.caor Thanks for the support.


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