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By Rachel Koning Beals

A warmer Earth will increase extreme weather events, even as overall snowfall decreases… It’s not the sound of howling winds – but thousands of climate change scientists support the idea that scientists are about to cover several states dismissing warnings about global warming. A strong winter storm is forecast across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast from Friday night through Saturday, circling Virginia to Maine in blizzard conditions. The heavy snowfall and its accompanying frigid conditions often trigger “too much because of global warming” tone remarks or other collective shrug that prompts environmental groups and the scientific community. disappointed. Scientists shed some light on the blizzard paradox and global warming.

Although climate change is expected to reduce the overall amount of snow the United States receives annually, it will increase the number of bakeries we see every yearaccording to a recent report from the nonprofit branch of the federally funded National Center for Atmospheric Research, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, or UCAR.


Reality check:

Flashback 2021: Climate activists blame record cold/snow on warming! – ‘How the earth warms also brings colder weather’ – Climatic Bureau’s objectionReality check:Record cold/snow due to ‘global warming’?! Climate activists predict both outcomes – more snow, less snow – so they’re never wrong – Book Quote

Climate is more meaningless than the word @New York Times . During the 1970s, identical weather patterns were attributed by climate scientists to global cooling and sea ice expansion. We always have severe weather and @khayhoe was constantly wrong about everything. @Revkin

– Tony Heller (@Tony__Heller) February 16, 2021

Record cold/snow due to ‘global warming’?! Climate activists predict both outcomes – more snow, less snow – so they’re never wrong – Book Quote

Excerpts from TUhe Politically incorrect guide to climate change

“Predictions of less snow have been popularized by global warming scientists. But once that prediction didn’t come true, the opposite of what they predicted became—what they expected. How do global warming scientists explain record snowfall after predicting less snow? Easily. There is more snow now due to global warming. Scientists say: ‘Snow is consistent with global warming’ published a headline in the UK’s Telegraph in 2009. The Financial Times tried to explain “Why global warming is synonymous with global warming. … more snow” in 2012…

So whatever happens, activists can say with certainty that the event is an anticipated consequence of global warming. There is no way to falsify claims about global warming”.

Excerpt from Amazon’s new ‘best seller’ ‘The Inaccurate Political Guide to Climate Change’ By Marc Morano – Regnery Publishing – See: Wash Times front page feature: Morano’s ‘Inaccurate Political Guide to Climate Change’ uses humor to fight alarmists – Available at Amazon & Barnes & Noble & Walmart

Order your copy of the book now! Marc Morano’s ‘Incorrect Political Guide to Climate Change’

Wash Times front page feature: Morano †Inaccurate political guide to climate change’ uses humor to fight alarmists

From the book: Back in 2000, when it was still “global warming,” said David Viner, a senior research scientist at the University of East Anglia’s climate research unit (CRU) (the institution will be located in climategate’s epicenter), was featured in an article in the independent British newspaper with the headline, “Snowfalls are now a thing of the past.” Viner predicts that in a few years, winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event. Children will not know what snow is. ” See: Flashback to 2000: ‘Snowing is a thing of the past’ – ‘Children won’t know what snow is’ – UK Independent

Another researcher, David Parker, of the UK’s Hadley Center for Climate Prediction and Research, even predicted that British children would only have “virtual” experiences of snow through movies and the Internet. .

Scientists’ predictions of less snow on global warming are common – and wrong. According to meteorologist Joe D’Aleo, the current decade, from 2010 on, is the snowiest decade ever recorded for the East Coast of the United States. Talk about an inconvenient truth.

How do tepid scientists explain the record snowfall after they predicted less snow? Easily. Currently, more snow is due to “climate change”. By 2013, after “global warming” became “climate change”, snowfall at unusual times was evidence of a man-made crisis. Senator Barbara Boxer, chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. “Yeah, it’s going to be hot, but you’ll also get snow in the summer in some places.”

Boxer seems to think that any weather event can be made to fit the climate change narrative. Monbiot did his best to square the circle: “I can already hear the howl of execution: now you are claiming that this cooling is the result of warming! Yes, yes, it can be. ” Monbiot asked, “So why is this not predicted by climate scientists? Actually, it was, and we missed it. ”

Did we miss it? Global warming scientists have popularized predictions of less snow. But once that prediction didn’t come true, the opposite of what they predicted became—what they expected. How do global warming scientists explain record snowfall after predicting less snow? Easily. The scientists said: “Snow is consistent with global warming” in the British Telegraph in 2009. The FinancialTimes tried to explain “Why global warming means… more snow” in year 2012.

On December 26, 2010, the New York Times published an article titled “It’s Over, It’s Global Warming”, claiming, “The overall warming of the atmosphere is actually creating the weather.” harsh cold.” Even former Vice President Al Gore, who claimed in the 2006 Oscar-winning film that all the snow on Mount Kilimanjaro would melt “within a decade,” got in on the action. Never before has Gore warned of record cold temperatures and increasing human-caused snowfall. In late 2009, the Environmental News Service reported on Gore exaggerating the lack of snow as evidence of man-made global warming: “Gore reports Snow and Ice around the world is disappearing. quickly.”

But then, after major blizzards made landfall in the United States in 2010, Gore stated that “the increase in heavy snowfall is entirely consistent with . . . man-made global warming.” UN IPCC lead author and Princeton University physicist Michael Oppenheimer also exploited the total number of years of low snowfall to come up with a global warming story. “I bought a sled in 2000 for my daughter,” said Michael Oppenheimer, a scientist at the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund. ‘It was located in the stairwell and was not used. I used to ride a sled all the time. It is one of my fondest and most vivid memories of my childhood, sledding to Cunningham Park in Queens. ‘…Dr. Oppenheimer, among other ecologists, points out that global warming is perhaps the most important long-term factor” which explains why, in the words of the New York Times reporter, “Go sleds and snowballs are as outdated as rolling games.”

When I confronted Oppenheimer about his sleigh comment after he appeared at a 2014 Congressional hearing, my interview was cut short. I asked, “In 2000 in the New York Times, you said you bought your daughter a sled, but she couldn’t use it…”

Oppenheimer’s assistant intervened to say, “I’m sorry, but Dr. Oppenheimer has to testify.” ★★★★★ He got MemoNBC forecaster Al Roker apparently received a “climate change” memo. “Is this global warming even though it’s freezing?” Larry King asked Roker in 2015. “Yes, that’s why I don’t like the phrase ‘Global Warming.’ I like ‘Climate change’, the weatherman explains. The message ranges from global warming causing less snow to climate change causing more snow. The record for it is the snowiest winter on record, in 2015. “Is this part of Climate Change?” Roker did not flinch. “I think so,” he replied.… So whatever happens, activists can say with certainty that the event is a predictable consequence of global warming. bridge. There is no way to falsify claims about global warming. # Heller of Real Climate Science explains:

The Washington Post said the cold winter was due to the disruption of the Polar Vortex, caused by global warming. And three weeks ago, they said, Americans are “starving for winter.”

Below is their chart showing the global warming that caused the Polar Vortex.

What a ‘wrecked’ polar tornado means for Americans starving to winter

Here’s the same chart from Science News in 1975, showing the global cooling that caused the Polar Vortex.

Back camera

March 1, 1975 | Scientific news

The Washington Post says colder winters suggest a catastrophic new ice age will begin in 2021 at the earliest. – search Washington’s archive of national, world, tech, and regional news.

US scientist sees new ice age coming

“Americans starving for winter” are facing their coldest February since 1936.

Remember: If the Green New Deal is in place when the AOC joins Congress in 2019, the total snowfall will be much lower for this blizzard!


The heaviest 30.9 inches of snow reported in Stoughton, Massachusetts. | AccuWeather –

– Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) January 30, 2022

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