Amazing Queen Gracie Doodle Holiday Dog Outfits Share Her Secret – Dogster

Decorative, colourful, imaginative: Such are the qualities of Amazing Gracie Doodle’s Instagram and TikTok pages, where you’ll find 6-year-old Australian Labradoodle Gracie dressed in elaborate costumes, from a Christmas tree with wreaths and decorations, “baked” for 4 peopleorder of july and roses in her feathers for valentine’s day.

“Holiday pictures are my obsession,” says Fanny Karpman, Gracie’s pet mom.

Fanny started taking pictures when Gracie was a puppy and immediately knew how much joy Gracie’s outfits could bring to the world because it enhanced her own creative power. As a former lawyer, Fanny has had a ton of fun in her personal life. Creating colorful and unique outfits has become therapeutic, she says.