22 ways to prevent vaccine passports

The vaccine passport is ready to change the world as you know it, creating a digital trail of your every move. Currently, injection drug use is being highlighted, but the ultimate goal is to survey and collect not only medical information but also financial transactions, political parties, religious beliefs and philosophies. study, etc.

Some have speculated that the advent of digital IDs and vaccine passports in the US is laying the groundwork for the social credit system. China’s social credit system, a major government surveillance operation that aims to combine 600 million surveillance cameras – one in every two citizens – with facial recognition technology, has targeted reportedly able to identify anyone, anywhere, within three seconds.first

It’s hard to imagine this kind of tyranny going on in America – until you look back over the past two years. In 2019, it looks like you’ll have to inject an experimental gene therapy to get into certain restaurants, gyms, entertainment venues, and workplaces, but here we are.

As investigative journalist Corey Lynn, who recently detailed not only why stopping vaccine passports is so important, but also 22 practical ways to do so, say:2

“Simply put: the pandemic is forcing an experimental gene therapy that the CDC likes to call a ‘vaccine’. That ‘vaccine’ is intended to put everyone on a vaccine ID passport. The passport is to force people to join the new global social credit system.

That system is meant to be fully compliant with the global population, as globalists control people’s access and spending on anything and everything in life, through the use of using the new CBDC (central bank digital currency) system they are building. ”

Are we trained like dogs?

Lynn compared the vaccine ID passport system being rolled out to the mandatory rabies vaccine for dogs. It may seem like a difference, but there are many similarities between the rabies vaccine system and what could soon happen on a global scale, but this time with people, not dogs. Lynn wrote:3

“Let’s put aside the ‘madness’ for a moment and look at the system that billionaires who fund the big pharma companies and policymakers have quickly put into operation.

They are required to vaccinate, assign an ID tag that the dog must wear, store the dog and its owner’s information and addresses in a database, notify health care services, retail , parks and businesses that they should not provide services to people who do not have this I card. Failure to follow this law can result in fines, quarantine of the dog and forced vaccinations. “

Your dog cannot go to dog care centers, parks, or grooming centers unless they have been vaccinated against rabies. Failure to comply will result in your dog being ostracized and you, as its owner, vulnerable to punishment.

Lynn argues that, like COVID-19, millions of pet owners have blindly administered the mandatory rabies vaccine to their pets, despite questions about safety and the need for rabies. it every year, as studies show the shots can provide more than six years of protection.4

“They’ve been testing this system on pet owners for years, and half of the US population is ready to use it without question. Does that sound familiar?” Lynn asked, “… They’re treating you like a dog, and they haven’t even shown the dogs the respect they deserve. To them, you are nothing more than an object. feed “.5

How digital identity threatens your freedom

Disguised as a tool for convenience and safety, digitized IDs, such as mobile driver’s licenses, “go beyond what a driver’s license is about.”6 The World Economic Forum (WEF) 2018 annual conference in Davos focuses on “promoting a good, user-centric digital identity”.7 It’s not just a matter of maintaining your name, address, and date of birth or proof that you’ve passed your state’s driving test.

Digital identities are described by the WEF as “complex web pages, which cross the internet, of… personal data, digital history and the inferences that algorithms can draw from this”.8 These identities, they say, are “increasingly embedded in everything we do in our daily lives”. In a graphic depicting the digital identification systems in our daily lives, the WEF envisions that digital IDs, i.e. vaccine passports, will include:9

Healthcare – to access coverage, track medical and wearable devices, and demonstrate competency (for providers)

Smart cities – to monitor devices transmitting data on energy usage, air quality and traffic congestion

Telecommunications – for individuals using devices and service providers to monitor them

E-Government – for individuals to pay taxes, vote and collect benefits

Social Platform – for social interactions

E-commerce – for shopping, conducting business transactions and making secure payments

Financial services – to open a bank account and conduct financial transactions online

Food and sustainability – to verify the origin of products and enhance traceability in the supply chain

Travel and movement – plan trips and control borders between countries or regions

Humanitarian response – access services and demonstrate qualifications to work abroad

As an example of how this could translate to threatening something as basic as your food choices, Lynn uses the example of a “digital currency” benefit scheme for food stamps. in Illinois, using smart contracts and healthy eating tokens. She explained:ten

“[O]Since you have your digital identity verified, you are given a benefit wallet that connects to smart contracts and if you try to buy food items that do not fall under the ‘healthy food’ category specified, you will not be able to purchase it. Surely they are only interested in your health. What this really shows is their ability to block access to anything they don’t want you to buy or have access to.

When all banks are connected to this digital identity system (vaccine ID passport) they will be able to control your spending on everything. What if you do not receive the Covid jab or booster? Every area of ​​your life, included in the digital identity scheme above, will be controlled through this system.

All data about your life will be stored in your digital identity. They sell this system of enslavement as “convenience” and “equity,” while assuring you that “you will own nothing and you will be happy.”

22 ways to prevent vaccine passports

Your entire identity, including medical history, finances, sexual orientation and more, could soon be stored in a mobile app that is increasingly essential to participating in society. While some may call this convenience, others call it oppression. Many others are being driven by fear to accept passport vaccines as “necessary” for safety.

In a survey assessing the acceptance of vaccine passports, 60% said they were in favor and only 20% said they strongly oppose it. Lead author of the study, Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, described objections as “surprisingly low”, adding, “It’s fascinating how people are becoming more receptive to their personal data used to inform themselves and others of what they can and cannot do”.11

However, there is still time to prevent the imposition of authoritarian control around the world, and an important way to do so is against vaccine passports. Lynn highlights 22 ways we can all participate to protect our privacy, our freedoms, and our constitutional rights.twelfth

  1. Non-compliance, whether or not you were coerced, bribed, bribed, threatened or manipulated into compliance. “Civil disobedience is necessary.”
  2. Contact your investment advisor or wealth manager. Give them a list of companies involved in the vaccine passport and driving agenda, and tell them you no longer want to support them.
  3. Avoid all digital identification and vaccine ID passports offered by banks, driver’s license agencies, and other industries as a means of increasing “accessibility” or “accessibility.” convenient”.
  4. Tell your friends, family, and acquaintances about the true goal of digital identity, which is “putting you on the Blockchain to survey and control your every move.”
  5. Contact your local sheriff. There are 3,081 police chiefs in the US who need to be contacted by phone, email and mail. They reserve the right to refuse to enforce illogical or illegal requests.
  6. Share the truth message around your community. You can disseminate information using flyers, postcards, stickers or “mark with a message”.
  7. Does not support establishments that require proof of a shot or test negative. If you do, give them a card that says, “I will not be a gene therapy tester for a virus with a 99.98% survival rate.”
  8. Email your state representative to block vaccine passports and digital IDs. Support and consider donating to those who are taking action against injecting and passport authorization.
  9. Move your money from big banks to small, family-owned banks and small credit unions. “If 10% of people do this, it will make a big difference.”
  10. Building energy and food systems for a home or community, as “a resilient food and energy supply will go a long way against our digital financial blackmail systems.” surname”.
  11. Boycott Amazon and the big stores that are “building the infrastructure to enslave humanity”.
  12. Use cash as much as possible, as it allows you to avoid being tracked through your bank account and keep your spending behaviors from being analyzed and used to manipulate industries and supply chains. and market.
  13. Leave your cell phone at home and avoid any and all data tracking apps.
  14. Limit the personal data you share online, on paper, and anywhere else.
  15. Call your senators and ask them to oppose Federal Vaccine Database Bill HR 550, which would allow the development of a federal immunization registry.
  16. Avoid buying any kind of “smart” product, such as smart TVs and Alexa devices. “All of these products are intended to be used for audio surveillance, some visuals and data aggregation, not to mention potential integrated mind control technologies.”
  17. Establish financial security outside the system, such as by learning or teaching commercial skills, and establishing networking and teamwork opportunities for people to build and work together in the community their locality.
  18. Clear as many debts as you can so that you don’t be looked down upon by anyone. “Investing in people, learning commercial, family and community skills, hard assets, proper schooling for your children – could mean your local home school network – local farmers give you food, any necessary supplies or equipment you feel you need, my friend’s health and peace.”
  19. Maintain resources – medical, legal and otherwise – to fight the COVID-19 autocracy13 and stay up to date on legal action and legislation against COVID-19 mandates.
  20. Note that it is not legal to ask for an injection while it is still authorized for emergency use. “Although the FDA has approved Pfizer’s Comirnaty aerosol, Pfizer has decided not to manufacture it for the United States and is instead continuing to supply EUA aerosol.”
  21. Is there for people who have already had the shot and are experiencing side effects or don’t choose to have a booster shot. “Help them get through it and find medical professionals who are aware of what is going on and will support them.”
  22. “Imagine a better future for all, where these corrupt individuals are stopped in their way.”

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